• We only print out those two

    We only print out those two barcodes but many of the packing slips we get have barcodes on them from the vendor. So it can either be just those two bar codes or up to 5 on a single page.

    I think we still need to do some adjustment on the spacing still.




  • Yes Paul they are being

    Yes Paul they are being applied manually by hand and for the most part they are in the same spot and usually aligned but not all of them are perfect.

    We have already seen improvement once the starting and ending markers were added back in and Code39 was installed.

  • Thanks for the quick reply

    Thanks for the quick reply Joe. Yea I've had no luck on either the barcode scanner nor iphone. I did remove the beginning and ending mark because Docuware was indexing those but that may have been from using the text identifier and not the bar code.

    I will add the markings back in and make sure Code39 is selected.

    Thank you,

    Neal Ford

  • Issue with Barcode

    Having some issues with reading barcode labels. In receiving we place a sticker on all packing slips with the vendor ID and PO number associated with that order and then scan it into Docuware. Docware then indexes both the vendor ID and PO number and performs other automations in the evening hours. For the most part this has worked well but we run into issues where Docuware mistakes an "I" for a 1 and a "W" as "VV" and other similar issues. I'm trying to get using barcodes for these labels to elminate these misreads.

    I was able to create a new "Import" configuration with a label printed out of Epicor and Docuware reads that fine but when we print the same barcode on label and scan it in Docuware is unable to read it. The labels are printed on a Zebra thermal printer and scanned in with a Fujitsu scanner. I tried to use the "barcode" field in the configurator but it says, "no barcode found in field area".

    I have cleaned the scanner, up'd the DPI and gone from black & white to grayscale with no luck. Some of the packing slips have barcodes from the vendor and DW is able to read that correctly.

    I believe the font we're using is Code39 but could be wrong.

    Are there any other recommendations on using and reading barcodes in Docuware?

    Have already looked at the following:

    I have attached and example of the barcode straight out of Epicor and one that has been scanned back in.



  • DW 6.7 Job Process incedibly slow

    Recently just applied HotFixes 52-54 to our DW server. Had employees check and apply updates. Some users had no issues running updates while others were experiencing an error, "problem starting Docuware Desktop App Setup". We have a mix of Windows 7 and 10 running on end user computers and I am aware that DW6.7 is not fully compatibly with Windows 10. Either way all users are experiencing extremely slow job processing when they are printing in from Epicor or from email into Docuware, with files taking 2-5 minutes to complete. I have installed the latest Printer PS driver but that had no affect either

    Things I've tried:

    • applied bug fixes list on hotfix 54
    • added exception to McAfee to ignore local DW folders
    • Bounced the server
    • added ConcurrencyMaximum=8

    To me it seems like something is blocking communication or slowing down job processor. I just don't know if it's on the client end or server.

    Any suggestions would be great.




  • Thank you for the reply and

    Thank you for the reply and info Mathias, really appreciate it.

  • DeskTop App Delay/Lag

    Has anyone experience the DocuWare Desktop Apps to delay, lag, or freeze when processing documents in Windows 10?

    Having some issues to when a user is either scanning or printing documents into Docuware the Desktop App appears to freeze or indicates it's still processing with the rotating circle icons. Stopping and starting the DWDesktop service seems to fixed the issue but is starting to be more frequent.

    To me it seems like the Desktop service losses connection breifely with the server and just sits there.

    We are currently running DW 6.7 on premise and it this only seems to affect users on Windows 10.

    Any advice would be great.