• Create document tray from REST API

    Hello,<br> <br> When I manually create a user, there is an option to create a dedicated basket.<br> I would like to do the same when creating a user using rest API but I can't find any info about this.<br> <br> How to create a basket and associate it to a specific user using rest API ?<br> <br> Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Standalone Desktop Apps

    Hello,<br> <br> I would like to download a standalone version of Desktop Apps. I need it for my IT to add it in the software management tool in order to deploy it to all computers. The installer that I can download in docuware is only a small tool that download the needed files. I need a package that doesn't need any additionnal file.<br> <br> Where can I find such a file ?<br> <br> Thanks a lot for your answer.
  • Call form from rest API

    Hello,<br> <br> Is there a way to call a form from rest API ?<br> My use case is the following : I want to create a formatted document and forms can create such a document by placing fields to specific place on a &quot;wallpaper&quot;. But forms uses imputs from user and I already have the needed informations. Even a &quot;blank&quot; form could be enough for me because workflow can update the fields.<br> <br> Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Check out/in document to/from basket with rest API

    Hello,<br> <br> I'm trying to create a new docuware version of a document using checkout and checkin option. I can do that manually, but I have no luck when using it with rest API.&#160;<br> I tried using : <blockquote> <p>{{ServerUrl}}/{{Platform}}/FileCabinets/{{FileCabinetId}}/Documents/{{DocumentId}}/checkoutDocument</p> </blockquote> <p>and using the following body<br> {<br> &#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&quot;FileCabinetId&quot;:&#160;&quot;b_xxxxxxxxxxx&quot;<br> }<br> <br> The document is checked out but is not present in the basket.<br> <br> Any clue to do that ?<br> <br> I also need help for merging sections of a document to make only one document (both sections are PDF).<br> <br> Thanks a lot for your help !</p>