• RE: Kinetic AP System - Change APAdmin password

    Ended up submitting a new GL Coding registration and hiding the old one in the Parameter file cabinet.  I had to stop all of the active instances of workflows and start new ones to get them to use the new token, but that seems to have worked.  Thanks for the reply.

    I have decided that I will not change this password again.

  • RE: Kinetic AP System - Change APAdmin password

    Hi Bob,
    Yes, I'm able to log in to Docuware as the APAdmin account and perform any operation normally, except that once I bring invoices into the Validation workflow and attempt to launch GL Coding in the Assign Invoice task, the GL Coding page (https://glcoding.docuware.cloud/...) fails to load with an error message "An error has occurred loading the document. Please see the error log for additional detials. [sic]" I'm also not sure where to find this error log for Cloud.
  • Kinetic AP System - Change APAdmin password

    I have a Cloud system with the kinetic solution for invoice processing.  It is not a new system and was working fine, but now I have changed the password for the APAdmin account.  I went through and modified all of the workflows and forms to use the new password, and I even tried modifying the password index value of the GL Coding Registration, but I still cannot start GL Coding and the APAdmin account keeps getting locked out.  What have I missed?
  • Forms Date Field Year Range

    When using the pop up calendar to pick a date from a date field in Forms, the Year dropdown menu only displays 10 years ahead or behind the current value.  For example the default value is the current date in 2018, so the minimum selectable year in the dropdown is 2008.  If I choose 2008, then click the dropdown again, I can then choose 1998, and so on.  Is this the intended functionality?  The easier workaround is to simply type in the date instead of using the calendar, but I'm making a form intended for the public, so I want to eliminate any confusing elements if possible.