• This worked for me

    This is what managed to get me some relief from the error state maze. Since I couldn't edit, delete or anything other than start/stop which produced errors continually.

    What I did was to 'deactivate' each workflow, start each 'deactivated' workflow and let it complete, which presents a 'success' result(go figure).

    Once out of the error state, I edited each one without changing any of the configuration and saved.

    Once completed, I activated them again and all was well.

    I hope this helps someone else as it is quite an aggravating situation.

  • System Fields

    I have a newly migrated F2DW client that is asking for a configuration change that will:

    The autoindexing needs to show date modified, created by, indexed date, etc. in the search fields, not just in the right click fields. That needs to populate automatically and be in the search fields. Right now, they aren’t searchable.

    Is it possible to expose the system fields so they are viewable via search and results dialogs?





  • Migration tool

    Preparing for a Fortis 6.11 to DW migration and client has asked for the port requirements necessary for the migration tool itself. I could find no information regarding the port(s) used by the migration tool. DW port usage has been supplied to the network team.