• Error when creating forms

    If I don't remember to save constantly when I am working on a complex form,  I will be unable to save and get the attached error:

    "The modified settings are currently locked by another user or location. Please restart DocuWare Administration."

    This is happening on my test site that no one else has access to, and to customer site that are active. Is there a reason this is happening? It is very frustrating when editing a large number of fields and then loosing all of my work. I try to remember to save often, but I am sometimes "on a roll" and forget.

    Thanks, Mike
  • RE: Word wrap on a post-fill merge form


    Thanks for the suggestion- it worked great! I wasn't aware that I could post-fill to a merged field.

    Thanks again!
  • Word wrap on a post-fill merge form

    Hi- I am taking a multiple line text field (with up to 1200 characters) from a web form and post-filling it onto a field on a merge form. When this is merged, the text does not wrap and basically runs off of the page. I have solved this by creating 12 single-line fill areas and inserting 100-character segments in to each fill area. This works BUT the text wraps in the middle of a word. The index field needs to be able to be updated as it runs through a workflow. I could come up with a series of expressions to search for the last space before the wrap, but I am hoping for a more simple method. Has anyone come up with a better way?
    Thanks, Mike
  • RE: Multilingual FOrms

    Going along with Simon's suggestion, you could have one form with a English/Spanish checkbox at the top and create a behavior to hide the non-selected language.
  • Multiple Choice values into a workflow

    Is there a way to assign values from a multiple choice field into a workflow?
    Choice 1=6
    Choice 2=4
    Choice 3=0
    Then bring whichever choice into a workflow for an arithmetic expression?
  • Date format- 2-digit year?

    From the Knowledge Base:
    " Here you have the option to create your own date format for extracting date information, if the predefined formats do not meet your requirements. Use the Syntax for date formats table, in which all the options for displaying the date and time elements are described in detail."

    My customer would like to have the date in their form formatted with a 2-digit year. Where are those changes made?

    Thanks, Mike
  • RE: "File cabinet not found" error in Document Processing configuration

    We were able to resolve the issue. While the file cabinet permissions were correct, no one had permissions for the dialogs. Once we assigned roles to the dialogs, we were up.
    Thanks, Mike
  • "File cabinet not found" error in Document Processing configuration

    Customer is getting this message when trying to access a configuration. This was working in the past. I created a second (blank) file cabinet, and that shows up in the "Target>File Cabinet" dropdown. I exported the file cabinet xml and created a second copy of the original file cabinet, but that doesn't show, either. I am guessing that there is something in the configuration of that cabinet that is causing this, but I am not sure where to look (permissions seem fine). Has anyone come across this?

  • Create Select List of User Names

    I would like to set up a select list that is populated with the user names of the site. I have created select lists that pull from other file cabinets, but can't seem to figure out which table to use. Is this even possible?
    Thanks, Mike 
  • Indexing stored documents by file name

    We have a customer (school) that is having our Document Services team scan 700+ student records for archiving. I have set up a Document Processing job that dynamically stores and indexes the scans by last name. This seems to be working until there are duplicate last names (VERY common). I could have Doc Services add a first initial(s) when naming, but is there a better way to do this?
    Thanks, Mike