• Versioned cabinets with sync... best practice?

    I understand the limitation with sync and versioned file cabinets, but I'm attempting now to design a scenario that accounts for a local file cabinet that is version enabled. Essentially a on-premise system that needs to move documents to the cloud via synchronization. Versioning of the on-premise system is a requirement and now so is synchronization.

    What would be the best practice to get documents from that local versioned cabinet to the cloud? Go from the local versioned cabinet, run an export workflow to a second local non-versioned cabinet and then sync the cloud cabinet with that local non-versioned cabinet? How would the export workflow know what documents it has transferred and what it hasn't between sessions? Would the export workflow only copy the last version out of the versioned cabinet?


  • Web configuration was the key!

    I didn't even realize there was a synchronization option in web admin!

    Setting up a sync workflow in it worked without a hitch. It logged into cloud just fine and showed me the cabinets. It's got quite a few more options too. It also has the added benefit of only showing the cabinets that comply with that "no versioning enabled" rule (the desktop app shows all cabinets).

    My local system is running 6.12 with all hotfixes applied so maybe there's an issue with the sync workflow in the Desktop admin app.


  • Version control

    To clarify niether the local or remote (master or satellite) cabinets can have version control enabled in order for sync to work?

    I've selected a local cabinet that doesn't have version control enabled and none of my cloud file cabinets have it on either, but the cabinet drop down at the satellite step is still blank. 


  • Installing the certificate works but next question

    Here's a little screencast of the certificate installation.

    SSL Certificate Installation for SSL Communication

    That works now thanks Phil! I've switched all my services to SSL.

    I can create an export workflow that copies documents from a local file cabinet to a cloud file cabinet.

    Oddly though the synchronization workflow doesn't work. At the satellite login step (cloud system) it accepts my cloud login credentials but doesn't display any cloud file cabinets so I can't proceed.

  • SSL certificate details for Cloud/On-premise synchronization

    In reviewing the information contained in this FAQ, it states that the on-premise system must be using SSL to communicate between the various services in order for cloud synchronization to work. There's also an additional FAQ on configuring SSL communication for the services. What isn't clear in these articles is the type of SSL certificate needed to enable this. I originally created a self signed certificate to accomplish. Once the self signed certficate is installed in the user's personal folder in Windows Certificate Manager I open DocuWare Admin, on the on-premise system, and when attempting to change to SSL it pops up a window that says "No Certificates available. No Certificates meet application criteria." (see image attachment).

    So I take that to mean that the self signed certificate can't work for this type of scenario. I believe that means an SSL certificate would need to be purchased to enable it. Which SSL certificate needs to be purchased then? A Domain Validated Certificate, Organization Validated Certificate or Extended Validation Certificate? Besides installing it what other changes need to be applied to an on-premise system that is otherwise not exposed to the internet?

    It would be good to have those FAQs mentioned above updated with the relevant information once the certificate type has been clarified.



  • Guidelines for Fortis high availability?

    We have a client that wants to upgrade Fortis (but not migrate to Docuware at this time) and needs to get off of 2008 servers (primary reason behind the opportunity).  They want to know if Docuware has any design principles for high availability and failover and especially any considerations around VMWare vCenter server availability considerations for Fortis.  They were hoping for some guidelines in setting up redundancy for Vsphere HA networking and cluster considerations (best practices for Host Isolation, detection & Response, partitions..etc.)  Do you have any whitepapers or information that can be passed along to the client to satisfy High Availability and Failover concerns such as these?