• RE: Cloud workflows slow?

    Same issue at multiple cloud environments here...

    Just opened a ticket as well.

    Kind regards

  • Check multiple documents in archive

    Hi guys


    I have 1 invoice with multiple orders. Let's say Order12345, Order54321, Order98765.

    All the orders are seperate documents that are stored in the archive "Finance".

    When an invoice comes in, I have a "keyword-field" with all the orders that are related to the invoice.

    A workflow starts and the first thing we want to do is to do a check if all the order documents are stored in DocuWare. 

    We already upgraded to DocuWare 7.2 to be able to search for documents in an archive. 


    Any idea how we can setup the workflow that it will check for each ordernumber in the keyword field if the document is present in DocuWare or not?

    I could do it with a webservice but it won't be easy to get a web serivce up and running at the customers environment. 

    Is it possible within the Workflow designer without using a web service? 

    Kind regards