• Copy cabinet's profil


    Since migration to 6.12, how to copy a profil?

    Before we had by right click a function to copy a profil. It was very helpfull when we created a filtered profil bases on another one which is similar.

    For profil which are complex it was less time consumming.

    Now with 6.12 and in Webclient configuration how to do that?

    Please don't tell me that now we have to create filtered profil from scratch everytime and we have to refill :

    - All criteria with condition AND and OR implicated

    - Right on function

    - Right on index

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  • How to know URL task?


    I would like to know the URL of a current task (on a specific workflow and on a specific document for which I know the Workflow GUID and Doc ID). How can I do that?

    With URL Creator I can create a link but I have to know the task ID. So the idea is to have :

    - The task ID of a document (and I will use the URL integration)

    - Or the URL of the current task

    I haven't found this with API. Is there some examples in C# or other ideas?



  • Dear all,

    Dear all,

    Yes you can do that with ASP.NET and DocuWare. You can use the easy uploading huge files : http://help.docuware.com/sdk/platform/html/c3431d10-b73e-4b98-814a-a0d23...

    By experience there is no limit (or very very high). I often used that and I already did for 150 000 documents.

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  • Hi Mathias,

    Hi Mathias,

    Thank you for your answer and idea. This function is applied on existing document clip (and it's to ordering document) or is it to apply to two document and clip them in specific order, because today i'v got an error message on this function.

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  • Hello Nick,

    Hello Nick,

    You can use two solutions to solve your problem:

    - The employee's manager name (or email) is display on the form and you can read it

    - You have to store in a database (or DWw cabinet) the employee's manager name for each employee and after within the workflow find the name wiht a user variable and external data assignation.

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  • Clip document in specific order/Change file order in a document


    I would like to clip document in specific order by programming (to add a new document to an existing one, but the new one has to be displayed first).

    With Merge document function we can merge two document, but the order of document provided to the function specify the document which is left (the first one), and the others are deleted (as they are added/merged to the first one). Example:

    - MergeDocuments(Doc1, Doc2) -> I will get the new Doc1 document with in first position the former Doc1 and in the second position Doc2. (Doc 2 is deleted)

    - MergeDocument (Doc2, Doc1) -> I will get the new Doc2 document with in first position the former Doc2 and in the secod position Doc1

    If I do manually the operation of clip document within the WebClient I can specify the files orders


    My purpose it's to merge document Doc 1 with Doc 2 (it's means to keep Doc1 and delete Doc2) but to have Doc2 in first position and Doc1 in second position.

    So my question: is it possible to specify file order when we merge document or to rearrange files order?


    Thanks in advance for all goods ideas

    Best regards,