• RE: Store identical values in a list variable

    Hello Simon,<br> <br> Many thanks for your reply.<br> If I understood you right, the final result will in a string variable.<br> If this is the case, It wont help me as I could not use the keyworld variable to loop.<br> <br> I just give you this example to simplify the problem, but what I'm trying to do is the following:<br> <br> 1. A user will fill a web form like the following: <table border=1 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1 style="width:500px;"> <tbody> <tr> <td>Client NAme</td> <td>New client</td> <td>Amount</td> </tr> <tr> <td>client1</td> <td>yes</td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Client2</td> <td>yes</td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Client3</td> <td>no</td> <td></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <br> My WF should be able to calculate the amount and put it on the corresponding fill area, depending on the New client column value.<br> Let's say, if New client=yes, then amont= 5000, else, amount =0<br> I can have up to 7 clients, so I would like to implement a loop with a counter.<br> What I've done, is creating a keyworld variable to read the new client column data from the index entries like the following:<br> GV_List__NewClient &lt;--- NewClient1 (index entry)&#160;<br> GV_List__NewClient &lt;--- NewClient2 (index entry)&#160;<br> ....<br> GV_List__NewClient &lt;--- NewClient7 (index entry)&#160;<br> <br> Then having a string variable ST_NewClient &lt;---&#160;GV_List__NewClient[GV_counter -1] (Arithmetic expression)<br> Then put the condition on&#160; ST_NewClient<br> If&#160;ST_NewClient=&quot;Yes&quot; GV_List_Amount[GV_counter -1]=5000 (it should be also a keworld variable)<br> if not GV_List_Amount[GV_counter -1]=0<br> <br> And then update the counter.<br> <br> Over to you.<br> Regards,
  • Store identical values in a list variable

    Hello,<br> <br> I would like to configure a loop in a workflow.<br> For that reason, I've created a keyword variable named List_NewClient, this variable should get the value of the field NewClient1, NewClient2, ..NewClient4. in each iteration.<br> The issue is: in this field only two values are possible: yes or no.<br> While testing, I noticed that the keyworld variable will restetute only different values, which means that if I should have this result on the list:<br> Yes<br> No<br> No<br> Yes<br> My variable List_NewClient will get Yes, No<br> And this is not good for the logic of my WF, what I need to have is List_NewClient: Yes, No, No, Yes.<br> <br> Do you have any idea how I can get this result?<br> <br> PS: I've unchecked the box &quot;replace&quot; on the WF.<br> <br> Thank you in advance.<br> Regards,<br> &#160;
  • Pull out user list from Docuware

    Hello,<br> <br> Do you know if it is possible to export the user list (with their rights if possible?) as this is frequently requested by auditors.<br> <br> Thanks in advance.<br> Regards,<br> &nbsp; <grammarly-desktop-integration data-grammarly-shadow-root="true"></grammarly-desktop-integration>
  • Cannot send notification to many people


    I've designed a workflow to check the expiry date of some documents, and send a notification to the person/people assigned to the ones that will expire soon.
    In my workflow, I have a variable(V1) that take the assigned to information, and then I put it on the "To" field to send a notification.

    This is working fine when I have only one person in the Assigned to field, so I've introduced another variable (v2)=replace(cstr(GV_V1),",","; "), where I replace "," with ";" and then I put it on the "To" field, but this is not working.

    Any ideas to make it work please?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Can not fill 2 merge documents from the same form


    I'm trying to have 2 merge documents (they are similar), filled by the same form and then completed by different workflows.

    After submitting the web form, only one of the merge documents is stored on the cabinet, am I missing any step here?

    Thank you so much for your help.
  • RE: How to use auto-increment field in aweb form

    Hello Jon,

    Many thanks, I've managed to do it following your instructions.

    Thank you again.
    Have a nice day.
  • How to use auto-increment field in aweb form

    Hello community,

    Could you please help me to use the auto-increment field in a form?
    I've added one, but he keeps asking for a Number group, and I don't know what it is, nor where should I put it.

    I've looked on the knowledge database without success.
    Thank you in advance.

  • How to lock changing index entries


    I would like to lock the change of index entries after the validation of a document.

    Do you have an idea how we can do that?
  • RE: How to write into document


    I'm back to post the solution I've found, may be it can help someone else.

    In the workflow trigger, I've checked the option "If the document was created from a merge form only", and I gave my merge form name.
    That was what I missed to use the filling areas.

  • How to write into document

    Hello Docuware community,

    I need your help.

    What I need to do is the following :

    Users will enter data in some fields on a web form (example field A and field B), and then another field is calculated C=A+B and displayed on the document stored in the cabinet.

    What I have done so far: 

    I've created a web form with a merge form on Excel with the field A, B and C
    - I've created a workflow that calculate the field C and put it on the index data (in the field C)

    The calculation is done correctly but I don't know how to write the field C back on the document.
    I've thought about using autoindex but I don't know how to implement it to fit the need.
    Does anyone have an idea?

    Thanks in advance.