• I don't think you can get

    I don't think you can get that generic and have it work well for you. I understand what you are trying to do but there has to be some kind of input from a person on the front end (populate index fields when storing) or have a person enter some kind of input in the tasks (populate index fields within the task) in order for conditions to be met and the workflow to know what to do with the invoices. 

    I don't like building a workflow that has too much activity in it so I created different workflows for different types of invoices. In a few cases, some invoices are stored in completely different cabinets because of the differences in index fields needed for certain types of invoices. 

    If the workflow gets too big, I will break it down into multiple workflows and have it process certain things in the background and even start completely different workflows to segregate invoices into different tabs under Tasks.

  • Dear Docuware...

    I can see that there are several things I would like to change about how the On Premise Client looks in order for our employees to easily identify and distinguish our Cloud system from our On Premise system. What is the best way to figure out which css and where the css is that controls the client look. Do I need to start a support ticket or is there someone who I can talk about it?

    Along with changing the logo in the branding folder, I would also like to change the "Docuware" branding icon for the Browser tab logo, and also in the configuration screens. I have to switch back and forth on a lot of things I do and being able to easily tell which system I'm in would be a great help.

  • You will need to consider

    You will need to consider what this upgrade will also do as fas as changing the way you are able to administrate the system. As soon as you upgrade to 6.12 ALL....I said ALL configurations for cabinets has to be done in configurations. It cannot be done in the DW administration!! This change alone wanted to make me fly all the way to Germany (or where ever they make decisions like this) and beat the door down and complain! It is absolutely painful to set up and administer cabinets now. I dread having to make changes!

    Just my 2 cents!!

  • I don't know about simple,

    I don't know about simple, but absolutely doable! LOL

  • That is true!! I would have a

    That is true!! I would have a field day at DocuWorld or at an R&D session. I have a lot of simple things that would make Docuware so much better!! LOL

    I recognize the framework behind the Client Interface becaue I do quite a bit of .NET programming in house, so there would be a list of enhancements I could come up with!


  • Thanks Phil ! Thats easy

    Thanks Phil ! Thats easy enough!

    Sometimes I just need to think about things a little harder!

  • Search by Doc ID in Cloud

    Okay, so I need to be able to find documents by their Doc ID but do not know of a way to search by this field. Does anyone know of a way to do this in the Cloud.

    My situation is this, I have about 350 documents that aren't syncing due to the size of the document. The sync error log shows me the doc id so I know which ones to get, just don't have a good way of searching for them.

    Any ideas? If it was on premise it would be easy. I don't have access to the database in the cloud!

  • Sync from cloud to on premise very slow

    Is it common for a sync from the cloud to on premise to take 4 days to complete when there are only 20,000 documents in the cabinet? The initail 20,000 took 4 days to complete and now it still takes 4 days for the sync to go over all of them and only update ones that have been added (which is maybe 100 a day) or changed.

    Also, can I only start one sync at a time in configurations? If one is running I can't start another one until the first finishes.


  • Sizing the logo

    Okay, I reset the IIS and it finally starting working. That's good now!

    The next question is: The client seems to only allow a certain size logo. How do I go about changing the main css to let this larger logo fit. The logo looks great in the login screen but won't render to the correct size in the client. I am wanting to do this in order for our employees to know which Docuware instance is the Cloud and which is the on-premise Archive storage. 

    See attached images for examples

    The code:


        background-image: url('BSDWLogo.png') !important;
         background-repeat: no-repeat;
          background-size: 400px 55px;

        background-image: url('BSDWLogo.png') !important;
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
             background-size: 400px 55px;

    #loginBox:before, .dw-logo:before {
        display: none;



  • Custom.css Branding Logo

    I am following the instruction on how to change the branding logo provided by Docuware at this link:


    However, no matter what I do, this custom.css isn't working. Is there something else I have to change to get this to work?

    We have the On Premise Docuware version 6.12