The HotfixPack is updated continuously. The included improvements are described in the following article. This article is always updated on the last Friday of each month as part of a so-called PatchDay.

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Files updated on: 2020-07-02
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Included improvements:


  • Connect to Outlook: I f a field is configured to be mandatory and read only in a store dialog that is used for Connect to Outlook, a warning message will appear in Outlook "Please fill all mandatory fields".


  • Autoindex: File connections get processed in the wrong order


  • Request: ZIP files created by Request contain file paths with backslashes and therefor cannot be read under certain circumstances


  • Windows Explorer Client: Error when storing emails using Windows Explorer Client


  • Mobile: URL integration is broken


  • Request: Values for Date fields in the result list and DocuWare Request do not match


  • Workflow Manager:  Workflow sends two identical PDF files with the file name during e-mail notification


  • Web Client:  Strings not recognised by OCR in some cases


  • Web Client:  Web Client can't be opened via URL integration


  • Import: If a large number of documents using  DWControl files (~1200) are imported, there stay in the watched folder and no error message appears
  • Web Client:  Bitmap stamp is shifted to another position if the stamp has no frame
  • Connect to SAP: When a MSG file is stored by SAP (Using PUT Method), the file cannot be opened due to missing M ime type


  • Configuration: Having many Document Trays is causing configuration to load very slow
  • Autoindex: Autoindex stays in state "running" after an error occured and this prevents editing or deleting the job


  • Connect to Mail: Timeout for IMAP / Exchange server communication was increased
  • Export Workflow: When viewing the properties of an export workflow in DocuWare Administration, an error will occur "You don't have enough rights to view this workflow definition."


  • File Cabinets: System is locked after a file cabinet XML import


  • Background Process Server: Background Process Server randomly crashes during with the following error message: "Domain unhandled from sender 'Name:DocuWare.BackgroundProcessService.exe'. There are no context policies."


  • Connect to Outlook: It is not possible to store emails - Error message: "Error at m"
  • Configuration: When trying to add a document tray, only the loading symbol will be shown


  • Mobile: Lists are not loaded in Mobile App when Workflow Manger License is not applied
  • Workflow Designer: Opening general tasks takes more than 3 minutes
  • General: Change of deserialization in Genuine Channels and Authentication Server 
  • Workflow Manager: When using index entries in a Workflow-Tasklist view and sort by them, all entries in the index entry column are displayed empty


  • AutoIndex: AutoIndex Workflows don't start if triggered by "On event"
  • Workflow Manager: In some rare cases a problem appears in DocuWare 6.12 when approving a task of a workflow. In these cases the workflow for this document stays locked and is not visible to the users anymore.
    After installing this hotfix it might happen that some tasks previously confirmed are back in your list. You now have the opportunity to confirm the task again or to stop the workflow (menu "Monitor tasks" in context menu "Stop workflow".
    Additionally this hotfix will react if the problem appears again and bring the task immediately back to the last step. You simply need to confirm the task a second time to make the workflow go to the next step.
  • Database: Changing the DocuWare.DAL.dll config has no effect, so that it is not possible to use the BINARY_CI collation to search case insensitive in Oracle


  • Connect to Mail: Connect to Mail does not clean up IMAP connections during the connection test
  • Deletion Policy: When a deletion workflow is using two or more OR-conditions it could happen that too many documents are deleted
  • Deletion Policy: A deletion workflow which is using an OR-condition might delete too many documents
  • Workflow Engine: Due to an out of memory exception the Workflow Engine stops working 


  • Autoindex: Autoindex can´t process large files from a file connection
  • Deletion Policy: Deleting a Deletion Policy did not stop running Deletion Workflows


  • Workflow Engine: Sometimes the LeaderElection did not work correcly (only affects systems with Load Balancing)
  • Content Server: The content server regularly stops working due to a system out of memory error after upgrading to DocuWare 6.12
  • Forms: When saving, the formatting of the form is lost
  • Worfklow Manager: The usage of a "nothing" condition causes an exception


  • Desktop Apps: Updating license information fails
  • Workflow Manager: The arithmetic expression "System.math.abs(decimal)" does not work correctly for global workflow variables or index fields
  • Background Process Service: Monitoring and system storage files are not cleaned up


  • Connect to Mail: Under heavy load, Connect to Mail stops processing some e-mails (error in log: SQLDateTime overflow)
  • Workflow Designer: Warning about upcoming https restriction for web services has been added
  • Workflow Manager: The content of all form fields will be deleted if a value is not from the select list
  • File Cabinets: In case the database of an organization is missing file cabinet logging for all organizations does not work


  • Mobile: Lists are not loaded in Mobile App when Workflow Manger license is not applied
  • Document Relations: Document relation is searching database fields in wrong file cabinet
  • Web Client: A user who has a space as eighth character in its name cannot login in the Web Client
  • AutoIndex: AutoIndex can’t process large files of a file connection
  • Configuration: The error message "Only system administrator can change the encryption of a file cabinet!" is displayed if options of a file cabinet are changed
  • Administration: Web validation fails to connect to the validation URL


  • Connect to Outlook: Several error messages appear when you start Connect to Outlook
  • Web Client: Organisation and username are now copied to the "Forgot password" dialog


  • Workflow Manager: Different behavior for "External Data" and "File Cabinet" in a "Assign Data" step
  • Workflow Manager: After confirming a Workflow task by using a stamp, the same document is opened in Viewer
  • Workflow Manager: An error message is shown, when you fill a global variable of type list or keyword index field with the content of another keyword index field
  • Connect to Mail: Emails are stored in default basket if the subject contains illegal unicode characters
  • Background Process Service: Organization fragments in database causes Background Process Service failure


  • Connect to Ricoh: Spanish characters can cause Ricoh xlet to hang/crash
  • File Cabinets: When you add a new field to a file cabinet, all filters defined in a folder structure are lost


  • Workflow Manager: Workflow instances get lost in case you log out too fast after confirming a step
  • Customer Feedback Service: Date values are twisted
  • Request: Request containers cannot be created when using customer specific domains


  • Forms: Using a wrong decimal separator will not work
  • Connect to Mail: Emails stop processing - SQLDateTime overflow
  • User Synchronization: New named licenses are not sufficient to run User Synchronization Workflow


  • Web Client: CSV result list export needs to have a localized delimiter
  • Workflow Designer: Missing XMLData for Workflow instances after upgrade causes data is null exception
  • Customer Feedback Service: CFSTasker fails in case one organization is corrupt


  • Connect to Outlook: "No OutlookItem left that matched any filter criteria"
  • Web Client: Sometimes only a blank page is displayed
  • Request: The size of a created DocuWare Request zip file is always logged with size 0
  • Workflow Engine: Database deadlocks treated as "timeouts" and not handled properly
  • Workflow Manager: Confirming with Workflow stamps sometimes fails with "Object Reference Exception"


  • Workflow Engine: Scheduled Workflows can start a task twice
  • Workflow Manager: Workflow tasks from Task Engine are executed twice
  • Workflow Manager: Using a select list leads to a timeout
  • System: Security improvement for trusted application users


  • Workflow Manager: Workflow condition can choose wrong exit
  • Connect to Mail: Connect to Mail does not record “Date only” fields correctly


  • Workflow Manager: Escalation of Workflow task does not work after cloud upgrade
  • Desktop Apps: Customer Feedback Service data is missing
  • Desktop Apps: Settings are lost if URLs of cloud target system are changed
  • Desktop Apps: Exporting a failed job doesn't work
  • Centera: Editing a document makes it unreachable
  • Index profiles: Profile with a SQL filter broken by Hotfix


  • Desktop Apps: Customer Feedback Service data is missing
  • Desktop Apps: Settings are lost if URLs of cloud target system are changed
  • Workflow Manager: Workflows are not triggered with changed index entries
  • Workflow Engine: Missing task causes crash when confirming expired task


  • Desktop Apps: Desktop Apps crashing after installing HotfixPack for 6.12 from 2017-10-26


  • Content Server: The database field "DWSTORAGEACCESS" is NULL when a document is checked out and checked in again using an encrypted file cabinet
  • File Cabinets: Indexfilters which are containing placeholders do not work for keyword fields
  • Fulltext Server: Fulltext is failing to index documents with a large page amount


  • Workflow Engine: Can't send emails to an adress with trailing underscore in the user name (
  • Web Client: Browser is running into an OutOfMemory error for Intelligent Indexing document trays, when special conditions are fulfilled
  • Web Client: Sometimes only a blank page is displayed
  • Import: Different Windows culture settings lead to OCR license cache problems

Starting with DocuWare version 6.12, there will be no more specific Hotfixes, only HotfixPacks. The HotfixPack that is offered in this article, will be updated and extended continuously by current improvements. 

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