How to configure select list only fields?


Very often we have the requirement to limit the possible index entries for documents in a specific field of the file cabinet so that users can not "invent" new entries (for example in a status field).

This Knowledgebase Article will show how to configure DocuWare so that the users of a file cabinet are not able to store documents with unwanted index information.

  1. Creation of the external select list file
    In this example we just created a simple TXT file:

  2. In DocuWare 5.1c SP2 you have to create a storage location where you place all the data file such as text files. Once you have created this storage location place the data files in that folder. It has to be by the Content Server service account. 

    Storage Location

  3. Now you will create a file connection. 
    As we are using an external .txt file in our example, we have to tell DocuWare where to find this file and how the content of the file is structured.

    File Connection

    If you click on the three dots (...) for the preview, you should be able to see the content of the .txt file.

  4. Creation of the Select List.
    Here we define a new Select List that uses the content of the File Connection

    Select List

    We already opened the preview here to show the content of the Select List.

  5. Now, we have to enable the field(s) in the file cabinet.
    Fields Options

  6. Create a new file cabinet profile. Do not use the owner profile because it cannot be restricted.

NOTE: If you give any "Administrative Rights" to this file cabinet profile that the users and dialogs belong then "Select List Only" will not work. Administrative rights will overwrite those restrictions.

File Cabinet Profile

To do:
Please uncheck the box "Add Entries to "Select list only" fields"
Please uncheck the box "Allow entries not in select list"

Side note:
The checkbox "Allow new entries" needs to be checked, as this one enables the users to store document with entries that have not been used for already stored documents. This is especially important if there are no documents in the file cabinet (in the beginning).
Of course, you should also uncheck the box "Field may be empty" so that the users are forced to fill the field during the storage of the documents (optional).


I have assigned to a new file cabinet profile and then assigned a user called Fred (new user). Rights in DocuWare are accumulative; therefore, make sure that these users or roles are not linked to another profile that gives rights. Likewise, a typical mistake is to give rights in one profile and then restrict in other one, when this happens no rights will take place. To check what sort of rights these users have, you can go directly to the user and right click on it and select show rights. 

  1. Enable the Select List in the dialogs
    To shorten the description we just show you the settings for the store dialog. In the other dialogs the settings are similar. You can add select-list to store, search, and info dialogs (no result list).

    Store Dialog

    You have to enable the provided external select list for the relevant field in the dialog.
  2. Proof that the settings work...

    DocuWare Windows Client

    It works in the Web Client.

    Web Client

    Storage, if users type any other values that are not in select-list they will get the following error message:

    Storage with invalid Index information fails
  3. If you have issues you could try restarting IIS (IISRESET) or closing and re-opening the client.
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