How can I configure the Windows (trusted) login in WebClient (DocuWare Version 5.1b - 6.1)?

In order that the Windows Login works in the Web Client following points have to be observed:

  1. The client-pc has to be in the same domain as the web server
  2. The network ID has to be deposited by the corresponding user in the DocuWare Administration
  3. For the Web Instance the Trusted Login has to be selected in the DocuWare Administration
  4. (only IIS7) The component „Windows Authentication" for the role Web Server has to be installed

  5. For the subdirectory „NTLM" only the Windows Authentication should be activated
    Default Website -> DWWebClient -> marking NTLM -> menu item: Authentication

    Default Website -> DWWebClient -> NTLM -> properties -> Directory Security -> Edit

  6. The browser has to be configured correctly
    Internet Explorer
    Define Web server where the Web Client is running as local intranet

     If you don’t want to put it in local Intranet it is also possible to define it as trusted site, but therewith following setting is necessary:
    Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Custom Level -> User Authentication -> Logon -> Automatic Logon with current User name and Password

    Mozilla Firefox
    Define the web server where the Web Client is running as ntlm authorized trusted URL
    Type in the address bar: about:config -> Go to network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris > Put in just the server name e.g. webserver not the URL http://webserver

Also check the settings of the Authentication (IIS7) respectively Directory Security (IIS6) of the other directories

WebClient (Root)

only anonymous Authentication


only anonymous Authentication


only anonymous Authentication


only anonymous Authentication


only Windows Authentication

If the Windows Authentication still does not work, please remove the Provider "Negotiate" in the IIS-Manager for Windows Authentication.

  1. Select the directory "NTLM" in IIS7 Manager
  2. Select "Authentication"
  3. Select "Windows Authentication"
  4. Select "Providers" in the right panel
  5. Remove the provider "Negotiate"