DocuWare Client cannot be installed. You receive the error message: "Windows Management Instrumentation service is not running. DocuWare Client Setup cannot continue."


Starting DocuWare Web Client ends up with following error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" DocuWare.Common.WMI.x42cb286f89f35215.get_Name()…

The WMI control is corrupted.
Repair the WMI control doing following steps:

  1. Stop all DocuWare Services.
  2. Open a command prompt Start > run > cmd.
  3. Stop the service "Windows Management Instrumentation". Type "net stop winmgmt" and confirm with "Y".
  4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the path C:\windows\system32\wbem and rename the folder "Repository" to e.g. "Repository_old".
  5. Start the service "Windows Management Instrumentation" again. Type "net start winmgmt".
  6. Start all DocuWare Services again.
    The WMI Service is repaired. The folder "Repository" was recreated automatically. It is not necessary to reboot the server. Delete the folder "Repository_old".

    If you are not able to rename the folder "Repository", change the start-type of the service "Windows Management Instrumentation" to "manual" and perform steps 2. - 6. again. Change the starttype back to automatic afterwards.

If the problem persists you may need to repair or reinstall the operating system.

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