How can I install the DocuWare Desktop? 


  1. Install Server-Components:
    • ​​​​New Installation:​ 
      In a new installation in standard mode, the server components are included and installed with the main setup.
    • Existing System: 
      For an existing system, you must first do an update and then install the server components. To do this, select the option "DocuWare Desktop Server component" within the setup. 

  2. Install Client-Components: 
    • ​​From DocuWare 6 to DocuWare 6.5: 
      The client components of DocuWare Desktop include DocuWare Printer, DocuWare Web Scan and DocuWare Import.
      1. If necessary, install a web instance via the DW Administration.
      2. Then install the client components through the Client Setup. To do this, open the user menu in the Web Client (click on the user name next to the "Logout" button) and then select "Install Client Applications".
      3. Start the downloaded file "ClientSetup ... exe" and select DocuWare Desktop.
    • From DocuWare 6.7 and higher
      How-to: Install/uninstall DocuWare Desktop Apps

  3. Establish connection:
    After successfully installing the server and client components, you must add a connection profile to the DocuWare Desktop. To do this, click on "Connect to DocuWare Desktop" in the Web Client.
    Afterwards all client components of the DocuWare Desktop are ready to start.
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