How can you use ACTIVE IMPORT with Navision or Informix as external database?

Navision and Informix generally use a type of data, which DocuWare does not recognize. (DocuWare recognizes data types, that are also used by MSSQL). To use these as external databases with ACTIVE IMPORT, you should note the following:
It is possible in DocuWare for indexing documents out of an external database to use their own data types for index enhancement. In some cases during the assignment, a note will appear, telling you that the data types are different; this may be ignored. It is not possible to define SQL statements on the Index Enhancement-Database tab. This area is greyed out in the window.

Due to the proprietary data types of Navision, it is not possible that ACTIVE IMPORT replaces or deletes index criteria in the external database. The feature to check for index changes in an external database to make sure, that all documents have been stored and indexed is not possible, when using a Navision database as external database. Index assignment from a Navision database is not possible, if the date is used as match code.

Informix databases only allow user names written in lower case letters. For seamless use with ACTIVE IMPORT, it is recommended to incorporate user names in lower case in DocuWare as well. Otherwise the ODBC menu appears and will require a Login.