Is it possible to adapt the number and size of the Debug log files to make sure that important information is not overwritten?

General explanation:
If the Debug Log for Authentication Server is activated in the Administration, two things happen:

  • the active DWAuthenticationServer.exe.config is renamed (to DWAuthenticationServer.exe.config.orginal)
  • DWAuthenticationServer.exe.config.severalfile is renamed to DWAuthenticationServer.exe.config (this file contains all parameters for the debug log)

The parameters in that "new" config look like this:
The useful parameters are marked. If you need to increase the file size, adapt the maxFileSize="51200" (= 50 MB), if you want to have more log files, increase the parameter maxFileNumber="2" to the needed value.
Please be aware, that there is more than one publisher tag (<publisher ....) in each config file. You may need to adapt the parameters for all of these publisher.
The parameters are saved for each server, so changes in the Content Server config do not affect a second Content Server in the save environment and also do not affect the logging parameters of the other services on the same machine.