Here you can find a list of all available Hotfixes for DocuWare 6. Not published hotfixes has been made for very rare or specific customer environments which will be provided on request only.

Important Note:
Hotfixes are created on demand for special localized use cases or specific problems. 
Therefore Hotfixes have passed only limited testing by our QA team. 
We recommend the installation of Hotfixes only if the fix will solve your problem but not as an automatic pre-caution. If you are not sure please contact your responsible DocuWare Partner or the DocuWare Support before applying any Hotfix.

  1. Hotfix 1 has been delivered on the Setup DVD and should be applied always!
  2. Connect to MFP - License check for Toshiba MFPs is too demanding - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 2
  3. DocuWare Desktop: While using the further print to a physical printer it might happen that not all pages are printed - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 3
  4. WEC - Storing in TreeSearches does not work properly - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 4
  5. DocuWare Desktop: Zone-based recognition isn't working for pdfs with 50+ pages - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 5
  6. HTML5 Viewer cannot navigate through documents stored with DocuWare 5.1b - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 6
  7. Index information for stored documents cannot be changed if a file cabinet name starts with a number - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 7
  8. “Send as PDF without annotations” creates zipped pdf - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 8
  9. Workflow Manager: Wrong date is set with Workflow Task list - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 9
  10. HTML5 Viewer: Setting a stamp in Firefox can damage header file - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 10
  11. HTML5 Viewer: Error when storing annotations which set on several pages - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 11
  12. HTML5 Viewer locks document after annotation or stamp has been set - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 12
  13. Problem while trying to receive DocuWare user roles via the GAPI - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 13
  14. Document splitting by zone criteria destroyes the PDF/A standard on the created PDF documents - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 14
  15. Web Client: Manual Autoindex does not work for catchword fields - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 15
  16. Not published
  17. HTML5 Viewer: Handover of the full text search string from the search mask doesn’t work correct - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 17
  18. Clipping of documents from Web Basket to documents in File Cabinet can result in damaged document - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 18
  19. In case an user has administrative rights on a big amount of baskets a login into the Mobile client expires. - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 19
  20. Intelligent Indexing: Charging credits for drag&drop does not work correctly - DocuWare 6 Hotfix 20
  21. Not published