How can you configure the mobile client and mobile devices? 

You can read more about these products in the following links:

You will need the mobile client license, in addition, you also have to enable the dialogs in the Administration tool for mobile usage (image below). The mobile client is designed for retrieving documents, not storing. 
Admin Tool Mobile Client Setup 
DocuWare only has custom mobile applications for Apple iOS and Windows 8.1 mobile devices (with touch screen). All other devices, that can render HTML 5 code will just work, including android mobile devices.
*Note: Windows authentication is not available for mobile applications, you have to use DocuWare authentication method.  

Any Device with HTML 5 Browser (Including Android Devices)
Open the browser in your mobile device and type in the URL of the DocuWare server in the following format: 

  • http://[IP-Address] or [full-domain]/DocuWare/Mobile (E.g.: 
    Android Mobile
  • Now, it shows the login page, where you have to enter the user credentials
    Android Mobile
  • Once you have entered the right credentials, you should get the main interface where you can select search dialogs or task list dialogs
    Android Mobile 

Android Devices

  • You can download the application from Google Play
    Google Play Store DocuWare APP
  • In order to create the connection, you just need to identify yourself in your organization and select the "Mobile apps" in the menu
    Mobile appsQR connection

Apple iOS Mobile Devices

  • Download the mobile app from the App Store. There are two versions of the Apple App, one is for the iPhone and the one with the word “Plus” is for the iPad
    Apple Mobile
  • There are two parts in mobile app. The configuration part (connection management) and the actual usage of the application. You have to establish or configure a connection and make sure it is activated before you can start using it. The configuration interface for iPhone and iPad app dives are the same. Here is a quick overview
    Apple Mobile
  • Sample connection settings (*Note: there is no http:// or https:// before the URL or IP address)
    Apple Mobile
  • Once you activated the connection and start the application you should get a list of dialogs, if they have been enabled for mobile usage in the DocuWare Administration tool
    Apple Mobile

Windows 8.x Tablet Touch Screen

  • In Windows 8 go to the Microsoft Store
      Windows Mobile
  • Search for DocuWare 
    Windows Mobile
  • Click on Install 
    Windows Mobile
  • Now start the DocuWare mobile app
     Windows Mobile
  • In the setting section you need to enter the DocuWare server URL, you use to enter the platform (E.g.: 
      Windows Mobile
  • Once you have configured the connection, you should be forwarded to the login page, where you have to enter the user name and password of DocuWare
       Windows Mobile
  • Now, you can open search dialogs
    Windows Mobile