Content Server:
This hotfix is related to two problems in the Content Server

  1. Possible documents loss during the migration of converted Cold Read Documents
    This behavior only occurs in one specific use case under the following conditions:
    - Cold Read documents has been converted in the Windows Client by exporting them out of a DocuWare 4 mode file cabinet into a Windows Client basket
    - These converted documents has been stored in Tiff format in DocuWare 4 file cabinet
    - This DocuWare 4 file cabinet have been converted into a DocuWare 5 mode file cabinet.
    - These converted DocuWare 4 Cold/Read documents has been migrated to DocuWare 5 disk with the Migration Workflow.
    - During this migration process possibly some documents could get lost. 

    If you have done these steps, please contact the DocuWare Support for further analysis.
    If you have such former DocuWare 4 Cold/Read documents in your file cabinets, please install this hotfix before doing any migration workflow.

  2. Clipping documents in full logical discs while a second empty disc is available is not working.​

Download Hotfix: