Here you can find a list of all available Hotfixes for DocuWare version 6.6. Not published hotfixes have been made for very rare or specific customer environments which will be provided on request only. 

Please consider installing HotfixPack 3. It contains all previously published hotfixes for that version.

Important Note:
Hotfixes are created on demand for special localized use cases or specific problems.
Therefore Hotfixes have passed only limited testing by our QA team.
We recommend the installation of Hotfixes only if the fix will solve your problem but not as an automatic pre-caution.
If you are not sure please contact your responsible DocuWare Partner or the DocuWare Support before applying any Hotfix.

  1. Version independent synchronization is not working - DW6.6 Hotfix 1
  2. Web Client: Sending documents via email from Web Client with read-only license not possible - DW6.6 Hotfix 2
  3. Web Client/Workflow Manager: Issues when using select lists based on database connections - DW6.6 Hotfix 3
  4. Not published
  5. Desktop: Multiple improvements - DW6.6 Hotfix 5a
  6. Not published
  7. Content Server: Thread deadlock - DW6.6 Hotfix 7
  8. Web Client: Select list improvements - DW6.6 Hotfix 8
  9. Web Client/Content Server: "Cannot access disposed object" error when editing a document - DW6.6 Hotfix 9
  10. Web Client: Usage of fields with German umlauts or more than 30 characters - DW6.6 Hotfix 10
  11. Web Client/Workflow Manager: Workflow tasklist is sometimes not updated automatically - DW6.6 Hotfix 11
  12. Predefined Workflows: Deletion workflow is deleting all documents although a filter is used - DW6.6 Hotfix 12
  13. Not published
  14. Not published
  15. Connect to SAP: Multiple improvements - DW6.6 Hotfix 15
  16. URL Integration: Access to protected files - DW6.6 Hotfix 16
  17. Web Client/URL Integration: Multiple improvements - DW6.6 Hotfix 17
  18. Not published
  19. Connect to OKI/Sharp v2/Toshiba v2: Printing only possible with 200 dpi or less - DW6.6 Hotfix 19
  20. Not published
  21. Not published
  22. Not published
  23. Not published
  24. Fulltext: Activating fulltext in a file cabinet retroactively may cause issues in future updates - DW6.6 Hotfix 24
  25. Web Viewer: Memory leak when browsing through files within a document - DW6.6 Hotfix 25
  26. Workflow Manager: Stamps might be placed overlapping if set automatically - DW6.6 Hotfix 26
  27. Not published
  28. File cabinet synchronization: Workflow fails for changed documents on MSSQL/validation: Numeric value is not correct in a validation - DW6.6 Hotfix 28
  29. Platform: Only annotations on first page are displayed using direct Platform Services access - DW6.6 Hotfix 29
  30. Not published
  31. Workflow Manager: Performance issues/refreshing of task lists might cause issues - DW6.6 Hotfix 31
  32. Web Viewer: Invisible stamps get visible after stamping the document with a normal (visible) stamp - DW6.6 Hotfix 32
  33. Not published
  34. Connect to Mail: Issue with alias email addresses for Microsoft Exchange - DW6.6 Hotfix 34a
  35. Oracle/Select lists: Case insensitive select list on Oracle database does not work - DW6.6 Hotfix 35
  36. URL Integration: Sometimes requests are not send to the DocuWare services - DW6.6 Hotfix 36
  37. Workflow Manager/Web Client Viewer: Duplicate entries in Workflow task lists / applying stamps or annotations - DW6.6 Hotfix 37
  38. Desktop: Multiple improvements - DW6.6 Hotfix 38
  39. Workflow Manager: Optimization of MySQL Database connections / Web Service methods with more than six parameters - DW6.6 Hotfix 39
  40. Web Viewer: Web Viewer shows "unknown error" when opening documents with special bitmap stamp - DW6.6 Hotfix 40
  41. Web Viewer: Displaying LZW compressed TIFF files - DW6.6 Hotfix 41
  42. Not published
  43. Connect to Mail: Multiple improvements - DW6.6 Hotfix 43
  44. Workflow Manager - does not keep entries in normal task - DW6.6 Hotfix 44
  45. Not published
  46. Connect to SAP - File access problems - DW6.6 Hotfix 46
  47. URL Integration / Connect to Outlook - Blank viewer opened when opening document from quick search - DW6.6 Hotfix 47
  48. URL Integration with NTLM - a login is needed when trying to display a document - DW6.6 Hotfix 48
  49. Web Viewer / Document tray: Print document & print page is greyed out sometimes - DW6.6 Hotfix 49
  50. Viewer: Error when editing documents from viewer with version control - DW6.6 Hotfix 50
  51. Desktop/Import: Specific PDF document causes error in DocuWare Import - DW6.6 Hotfix 51
  52. Web Client: Web Client might hang-up when clipping documents - DW6.6 Hotfix 52
  53. Web Client: Viewer option "Overview" downgrades performance of Web Client - DW6.6 Hotfix 53

    Multiple improvements - DW 6.6 HotfixPack 1

  54. Web Viewer: Some pdf files are not displayed correctly - DW6.6 Hotfix 54
  55. Import: In rare cases the document content / OCR result can not be created for some PDF files - DW6.6 Hotfix 55
  56. Not published

    Multiple improvements - DW 6.6 HotfixPack 2 

  57. Windows Explorer Client: Handling of DWTiff files - DW6.6 Hotfix 57

    Desktop: SSL certificate needs to be updated - DW6.6 HotfixPack 3

  58. Not published
  59. Connect to SAP: Error while trying to access REO files or print lists - DW6.6 Hotfix 59a
  60. Not published
  61. Import: Import jobs are not processed because of a problem when shutting down OCR processes - DW 6.6 Hotfix 61