Where can I find the DocuWare Connect to Outlook log?
How can the log level of Connect to Outlook changed to "Debug"?

The Connect to Outlook default log is written into the path "%TEMP%/DocuWare/Logs", the log level which is used to create the log is "Error".
You can change the log level of the Connect to Outlook log to "Debug" in the file "DocuWare.CONNECTtoOutlook.dll.config" (you can find this file in the installation path of Connect to Outlook)
Please adapt the following part of this file:
<loggingManagement mode="on" trace="on"> <publisher type="DocuWare.Common.Logging.FilePublisher" logname="TS log"
logLevel="Debug" fileName="%TEMP%\DocuWare\Logs\CONNECTtoOutlook.log" maxFileSize="50000" enhancementMethod="oneFile" maxFileNumber="10" deleteFirstNKBytes="50" deleteFirstNEntries="100" mode="on" assembly="DocuWare.Common"> <publisherInfo date="on" time="on" textID="on" message="on" logLevel="on" codeLocation="on" addText="on" user="on" application="on" threadID="on" winID="on" computer="on" assembly="on" /> </publisher> </loggingManagement>