Here you can find a list of all available Hotfixes for DocuWare version 6.8. Not published hotfixes have been made for very rare or specific customer environments which will be provided on request only.

Important Note:
Hotfixes are created on demand for special localized use cases or specific problems. 
Therefore Hotfixes have passed only limited testing by our QA team. 
We recommend the installation of Hotfixes only if the fix will solve your problem but not as an automatic pre-caution.
If you are not sure please contact your responsible DocuWare Partner or the DocuWare Support before applying any Hotfix.


  1. Multiple improvements - DocuWare 6.8 HotfixPack 1
  2. Connect to Sharepoint: Wrong URL when searching - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 2
  3. Web Client: Document is not displayed in Document Tray after it is imported - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 3
  4. Not published
  5. Workflow Manager: Exception when executing assignment from empty result of external data query - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 5
  6. Web Client: Not all entries from search result list are exported to .csv file - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 6
  7. DocuWare Platform: Multiple Improvements - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 7
  8. Platform .NET API: 'Stored on date' not set for versioning - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 8
  9. Connect to Mail: Convert to PDF and storing doesn't work with specific email - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 9
  10. Multiple improvements - DocuWare6.8 HotfixPack 10
  11. Not published
  12. Not published
  13. Autoindex: CL file from Autoindex cannot be deleted without stopping DocuWare services - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 13
  14. Content Server: Duplicate generation of text shots - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 14a
  15. Workflow Manager: Tasks are sometimes not processed - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 15
  16. Connect to Ricoh: Error while storing a document with German umlauts - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 16
  17. Platform .NET API: After updating index entries old values can reappear again - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 17
  18. Web Client: Clipping documents does not work correctly for a second document - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 18
  19. Workflow Manager: Improvements considering data assignment - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 19
  20. Web Client: Stamps are not displayed completely - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 20
  21. Connect to Outlook: Script error after opening the store dialog - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 21
  22. Workflow Manager: Selection of multiple substitution rules and entries that contain a comma - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 22
  23. Workflow Designer: Issue while changing the structure of a task list - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 23
  24. Web Client: Changes in a file cabinet lock the Web Client for all users - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 24
  25. Multiple improvements - DocuWare6.8 HotfixPack 25
  26. Workflow Manager: Problem with date form field which writes into file cabinet date field - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 26
  27. Connect to SAP: System.UnauthorizedAccessException while trying to access REO files or print lists - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 27
  28. Connect to Mail: Configuration page does not display all configurations - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 28
  29. Web Client: Web Client in iframe is always taking focus - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 29
  30. Connect to Sharepoint: Search results are not displayed - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 30
  31. OCR: Issue while generating textshot for specific TIF files - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 31
  32. Multiple improvements - DocuWare6.8 HotfixPack 32
  33. Forms: Issues with Forms Designer - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 33
  34. Not published
  35. Workflow Manager: Emails for reminder settings or due date settings are not sent to all users - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 35
  36. Not published
  37. Mobile: App crashes if no Workflow Engine Server is installed - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix37
  38. Predefined Workflows: Migration Workflow does not delete source files anymore - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 38
  39. Web Client: Bitmap stamp does not store position - DocuWare6.8 Hotfix 39
  40. Multiple improvements - DocuWare6.8 HotfixPack 40a
  41. DocuWare Printer: Installation fails if a Windows security update is installed - DocuWare6.8 HotfixPack 41
  42. Web Client: After update to Google Chrome version 58 editing a document in Web Client is no longer possible - DocuWare 6.8 Hotfix 42
  43. Import: Import jobs are not processed because of a problem when shutting down OCR processes - DocuWare 6.8 Hotfix 43
  44. General: Change of deserialization in Genuine Channels and Authentication Server - DocuWare 6.8 Hotfix 44