For various reasons, you install a new copy of DocuWare 6.9, then attempt to restore the DocuWare databases from an earlier version to be upgraded manually.
A new install of DocuWare 6.9 will install MySQL V2.

When attempting to restore the database with the backups you may encounter errors and the backup may fail to restore any data, or it may not restore all data.

It is important to drop all the original DocuWare databases before attempting the restore!

1. Open MySQL Administrator.

 2.  Select catalogs.
 3.  Drop each of the DocuWare databases.


 4. Select restore and brows to the file to restore file

5. Select tab “restore content” and select “analyze backup file content”
also, be sure to check the option "Create schemas if they don't exist"

If you are able to analyze the backup successfully, please proceed to “start restore”.