The installation of a HotfixPack is highly recommended for all DocuWare systems. HotfixPacks contain all Hotfixes and HotfixPacks that were released previously.

Before you start – first read completely, then act:

  • Do not install former HotfixPacks again, else newer files might be overwritten.
  • Confirm Hotfix is not blocked, see here. 
  • Extract the Hotfix zip file into an empty folder. Result is a new folder with the same name as the Hotfix zip file. It contains a subfolder structure.

  • Optionally remove subfolders in case the specific module / server is not installed.
  • It is NOT necessary to rename the original files of your installation. This would lead to unexpected system behaviour. You should keep the original files by moving them to a different location (create an own folder).
  • You will find a detailled description of the improved program behavior within each Hotfix zip file. It contains an overview of the extracted folder(s) and the location where to copy those folder(s).
  • Always make sure you have a up-to-date backup of your installation? This includes documents, databases content and installation files!

Installation instructions:

  • Stop all DocuWare services
  • Stop all DocuWare Application Pools using the IIS-Manager:
  • ALL folders must be copied to the locations listed in column "Location".
  • ALL files need to be replaced. IMPORTANT: Answer all system messages like "There is already a file with same name" with "Copy and replace".
  • In case of a distributed installation the Hotfix needs to be installed on other machines as well.
  • Edit the file web.config or other file, if advised in the Hotfix description.
  • Start the previously stopped Application Pools again.
  • Start DocuWare services again.
  • Clear browser caches.
  • Update the Desktop Apps.