How to change / alter the database port of the DocuWare System


If for some reason a database port need to be changed either for security, policy, or compliance reasons. In DocuWare there few place where it needs to be altered.
Stop All DocuWare Services
Stop IIS (Internet Information Services)

  • Then execute the following changes:
    • The settings file of the Authentication Server contains the name of the database server and the login credentials. If the database port has been changed then this information has to be adapted.


<Source type="DIRECT">ASConnection</Source>
<Login trusted="false" encrypted="true">

  • Start Authentication server services (only)
  • Open DocuWare Administration Tool and go to [system-level] \ Data Connections \ Database Connections.
    • You need to change the port for ALL database connections listed under “Database Connections” (image below), if the port change affects those listed connections.  

 database port changes

  • Start All other DocuWare services
  • Re-start IIS