You are not sure what a Task List is.

Task Lists are predefined searches that you can create in the form of a result list.

If you want to work with Task Lists in the Web Client, you will require a Task Manager license. Without this license, you cannot use this function.

To create a task list please follow the steps below:

1.  Log into the Administration tool and navigate to file cabinet you would like to create the task list for. 

2.  The search dialog wizard will open.

3.  Add the criteria you would like your task list to meet. 

4. Assing the task list to the users that will use the list.


5.   The new Task List will be available in the Web Client. 

Comments (2)
  • This article is extremely outdated. This functionality is no longer in the DocuWare Administration.
  • Please update. This is now in the dialogs section in each file cabinet in the Configuration menu.