You just did an upgrade or fresh install of 6.9/6.10, now whenever any user logs into the DocuWare Web Client they are presented with the following error "CLIENT FOR SYSTEMUSERID(SYSTEM(servername)) IS NOT VALID". Users can still use the Web Client with no apparent issues besides the error they get when they log in.
  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\ServerConfig
  2. Take a backup of the dwmachine.config file, move it to the desktop, then delete the original
  3. Run your 6.9/6.10 DocuWare Setup, go through setup entering your DocuWare Organization Credentials when needed
  4. Complete setup without installing or uninstalling any of the DocuWare Servers, this will recreate the dwmachine.config file and fix the corrupted SystemUserID
  5. Test by logging into the Web Client, if the setup was successful, you should not see any error when logging in.
Note: In 6.10, after recreating the machine.config file, you will need to open up your backup dwmachine.config file and copy out the setting key="DatabaseConnectionID" as this will be missing from the new dwmachine.config file.
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