How do I check the current license usage?


You can use the "Connections Overview" tool to check the current license usage.
You can open it from the DocuWare Administration as seen in the screenshot below.

For easier analysis you should check the "license" radio button and add the filter "license type" as shown in the screenshot below.

After activating the filter, you can see an overview of the currently used client licenses.
You are able to see which user is connected to which module and also how many licenses are currently used by them.
Furthermore, the "license in use" column shows you how long the license will be blocked by the user.
Please be aware that this value is continuously increased for as long as the user is logged in.
After logging out, the license will be blocked for 2 more minutes.

The connections overview is not refreshed automatically. This has to be done manually by hitting the "refresh" button.

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