How do I install DocuWare Desktop Apps?


  1. To install DocuWare Desktop Apps, first open the DocuWare Web Client.
    Here you can select the option "Install Desktop Apps" in the dropdown menue:

  2. The DocuWare Desktop Apps Setup will be now downloaded. After the downlaod run the setup as an administrator.
  3. In the Setup dialog you can now select all the DocuWare Desktop components you want to install.
    If you want to install DocuWare Administration, Workflow Designer, Index Cleaner or URL-Creator you can use the the option "Show administrative Options" to display these modules:

    After the installation is completed successfully, you can close the setup by clicking on "Close":

  4. After you have installed all DocuWare Desktop modules you need, you have to connect DocuWare Desktop Apps to your DocuWare System.
    In order to do this, go back to the DocuWare Web Client and select "Connect Desktop Apps" from the dropdown menue:

    Please confirm the appearing message with "Yes":

    The Desktop Apps can now be used.

If you are experiencing problems connecting to the DocuWare Desktop Apps, please see our FAQ articles about this topic:

Since DocuWare 6.11 the uninstall process is different as in the previous versions.

Uninstalling the DocuWare Desktop App from your computer use the Windows Program and Feature function.
Each DocuWare Desktop App module is seperate listed.
To deinstall mark the module and click uninstall.

Windows Programs and Feature

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