When searching on multiple file cabinets via Web Client the search does not provide as many entries as when searching just on the single file cabinet.

When using the multiple file cabinet search the amount of entries per file cabinet is limited to 1000 entries. To increase this amount the following entry in the file DocuWare.Platform.Web.dll.settings (by default C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web\Platform\bin) needs to be adapted:

<PlatformSettings TileSize="1024"  … MultipleFcSearchLimit="1000" UseXElementSerialization="false">
      <CacheExpiration CleanupPeriod="00:00:20" Session="00:10:00" FileCabinets="00:05:00" ResultList="00:05:00" Documents="00:05:00" Sections="00:05:00" />

Due to stability reasons please be careful with increasing this number!