Can DocuWare Desktop messages be switched off in the notification tray area?

By default, a message is displayed in the notification tray area for each printed or scanned document. If the number of messages becomes too large, e.g. if you print thousands of documents in a short time using a Word macro, we recommend that you change the behavior of the messages.

To do this, edit the directory %ProgramFiles%\DocuWare\Desktop (for 64-bit systems: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\DocuWare\Desktop), select the file "DocuWare.Desktop.exe.config".

Add the following key to the <appSettings /> section:
<add key="TrayNotificationLevel" value="Info"/>

The following values are possible: Info, Warning, Error, Nothing. 

Info is the default behavior and displays all messages.
Warning only displays warnings and errors.
Error only displays errors.
Nothing completely deactivates the messages in the tray area.

<add key="TrayNotificationLevel" value="Info"/>