Since DocuWare 7, Updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an Update you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before you install the Update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2020-08-03 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:

Download link:

Included improvements:



  • Platform.NET: Too big expressions cause the Platform to crash
  • Document Processing: Filter barcode with option "contains x characters" does not work for indexing
  • Connect to Mail: During email storage process, Connect to Mail throws an error "Could not find default tray!"


  • Platform .NET: Temporary PDF files are not deleted automatically from "C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Temp\Platform\pdf" folder
  • Connect to Mail: Email body gets stored in file cabinet although configuration is set to store attachments only
  • Autoindex: Trigger does not work with system fields "Last Access User" and "Last Access Date"
  • User Synchronization: Desktop App User Synchronisation tool fails for users who have been deleted and then created again in Active directory
  • Autoindex: Option "After processing" ("Delete text file" and "move text file to subfolder") does not work
  • Document Processing: Decimals cannot be parsed in Processing configurations, if the region is set to "French" in format of a field connection
  • Autoindex: Write back to system fields (except DWDOCID) not possible. An error occurs "Can not find the source field <fieldname> to get value for index transfer."
  • Autoindex: Job with system field in File Cabinet filter throws error "Autoindex <fieldname> - schedule was aborted due to a top level error."
  • Desktop Apps: When OCR language is set to "Auto detect" in an import job, an error occurs on importing documents "An internal error occurred because of missing or invalid configuration parameters."
  • Web Client: Multi-column select list: Filtering does not work properly when FTP file connection is used
  • Desktop Apps: Import shows a warning "Image enhancement failed"