Since DocuWare 7, updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an update, you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before installing the update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2022-10-21 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:

Download link:

Included improvements:


  • Setup: Some files might trigger false positives in security software ("No valid digital signature")


  • Setup: Backup of Full-Text Server configuration files is not done during updates


  • Workflow Manager: Java Script injection possible via workflow task list


  • Web Client: Index value profile ignores permissions when accessing version history
  • Platform .NET API: Accessing index data from data records via Platform or API is possible in a special case even though user has no rights


  • Desktop Apps: Support for future versions of Edge and Chrome with enhanced security features


  • Forms: User information is visible in the source code of a public form


  • Viewer: Index dialog cut off when browser windows is too small
  • Setup: Passwords of database users, DocuWare users and service users that contain blanks are logged in plain text to setup log


  • Workflow Manager: When accessing workflow history an error appears "System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Data index must be a valid index in the field (MySQL)"


  • Desktop Apps: Desktop Apps do not work on http with domain security policies


  • User Management: Assigned stamps may be unassigned when changing function profiles


  • Web Client: Documents - which are no PDF files - rotated in the viewer and saved are exported to REQUEST with their old file names and cannot be opened. An error occurs: "It looks like we don't support this file format."


  • Autoindex: Cannot write keywords to the external database
  • Desktop Apps: Performing a smart search throws an error if the desktop connection was created manually: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Setup: Uninstall with Server Setup might cause unexpected reboot during update


  • Printer: Restoring Printer after Windows Upgrade does not work on some machines
  • Web Client: User with one named license can't log in from two browsers


  • Connect to Mail: "Connect an email account" disappears if permission is assigned via a role that belongs to a group
  • Connect to Outlook: Signed MSG file stored by Connect to Outlook cannot be displayed
  • Web Client: Embedding DocuWare in cross domain iFrame is not allowed
  • Web Client: Wildcard search within a multi column select list does not return results for lists based on file connection
  • Web Client: Embedding DocuWare in an iFrame is not allowed with Microsoft login
  • User Synchronization: Document trays are created even if user creation fails, which leads to a high amount of unused document trays


  • Desktop Apps: Loading Printer configurations can fail sometimes, if SettingsService is under high load


  • Autoindex: Existing Autoindex configurations may cause Autoindex overview to show a loading circle indefinitely after updating to and above
  • Database: Default select lists based on Oracle shows decimal separator at the wrong place in numeric field within the search dialog
  • User Synchronization: Group assignment in DocuWare User Sync is not saved for Azure AD connections
  • Web Client: If a field is set as required and you use the function "Store automatically" in the basket, you will receive an error that the field is not filled.


  • Forms: Automatic Number element does not update when submitting and then returning to the form by using the "back" button of the browser.
  • Document Processing: Line feeds in barcode values are converted to soft-hyphens during indexing, which are not visible in the Web Client.
  • Document Processing: Configurations fail to import when anchors are set on the last pages of a document and the current document has less pages compared to the one used for configuration.
  • User Synchronization: Users are not created with error "Error while inserting into table 'DWUserToGroup'. Exception : Column count doesn't match value count at row X"


  • Web Client: When using an Intelligent Indexing store dialog, searching in a select list of a field without an Intelligent Indexing mapping by typing in the first character, the drop-down menu is empty even if there is matching index data.
  • Workflow Manager: Multi-column select list drop-down menus do not work correctly when using index data with quotation marks in a table field.


  • Configuration: When changing the file cabinet of a Document Processing or Smart Connect configuration, the list of available store dialogs is not updated correctly.
  • Synchronization: Added annotations are not synchronized if the document files were not changed since the last synchronization. File Cabinets: While creating a new file cabinet in Internet Explorer 11.1139, it is not possible to add new index fields because the button is grayed out.
  • File Cabinets: While creating a new file cabinet in Internet Explorer 11.1139, it is not possible to add new index fields because the button is grayed out.
  • Workflow Manager: Error "Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression" written to workflow history when running a workflow that accesses an ODBC database connection.


  • Autoindex: Endless loading spinning wheel, when try to open up the Autoindex configuration
  • WebClient: Documents from before DocuWare 7 can not be displayed when they are stored on read only disks
  • User Management: Filtering groups when assigning a group to a use may lead to the text "No groups are created in your organization" as well as a loading circle to be displayed.


  • Autoindex: Error "The specific field was removed. Select another field or remove the assignment" in writeback tab, when database field is added to file cabinet
  • Viewer: Annotations cannot be hidden, if they have been placed while all overlays were disabled
  • Connect to Outlook: Error "Invalid attempt to read when no data is present" when query on Oracle database is used for indexing
  • Forms: Select lists are not working in preview
  • Fulltext Search: Approximative search does not work
  • Setup: Custom selected web site will be overwritsten with the default web site


  • Workflow Manager: Entries in a keyword field are not replaced if a stamp is automatically attached
  • Workflow Manager: Workflows and notifications are not triggered if you change the value of a keyword field by applying a stamp
  • Deletion Policy: Wrong amount of deleted documents displayed, when option "Keep only current versions of documents" is used
  • Workflow Manager: Table field in decision is empty, if opened from a task link out of a task's email notification
  • Transfer: Cloud Synchronization jobs fail with error: "Cannot Store on ReadOnly Disk"
  • Web Client: Multiple entries of the same value in the default selection list for table fields


  • Forms: Long texts of a checkbox label can overlap in stored merge form
  • Workflow Manager: Existing instances of a workflow stop working, when adding a column to a tablefield. A error message appears: "Assignment in activity: … failed! Cannot find column …"
  • Workflow Manager: Error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint" when adding a global workflow variable to a task list of an already running workflow instance


  • Web Client: Error message "Index out of range" appears when trying to set a stamp which is configured to modify a DateTime field with an empty fixed value
  • Web Client: When saving a document after setting a stamp while on a different page than the stamp, its vertical position will always be at the top of the page


  • Workflow Manager: When using MySQL and opening a link from a workflow notification email, the page may show the error message "500 Internal Server Error Error parsing workflow instance id '...'".
  • Desktop Apps: Desktop Apps don't show SSO login screen when creating new connection
  • Web Client: Table fields with multi-column select lists don't filter correctly when storing a document with Intelligent Indexing
  • Autoindex: Autoindex configurations with a file cabinet source fail with the error message "External field(s) ... used as match code is no longer available!" when adding a new field to the source file cabinet.


  • Forms: Document will not be displayed in Web Client after submitting a form
  • Mobile: Error when applying a stamp "The requested resource was not found. Check that you typed the URL correctly and try again."
  • Platform .NET API: Replacing sections from current version deletes section from old versions in .NET.API
  • User Synchronization: The given names and surnames of users are not synchronized from Active Directory to DocuWare
  • Web Client: Opening a document stored on Centera might cause the error message "The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open." to appear when opened by multiple users.
  • Fulltext Server: Error when resetting index: "Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table '<FileCabinet>_V5S' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF"
  • Request: "Export was aborted due to an error. Invalid column name"
  • Local Data Connector: "Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression"


  • Document Processing: Using the filter option "Does not contain" or "Contains x characters" for a barcode zone, the warning "TypeError: n.fnForTextOperand[i] is not a function" is shown when switching to the "Processing" tab after saving and reopening the configuration
  • Database: Syntax error when trying to access an ODBC database connection
  • Document Processing: Anchors may be deleted when opening an existing configuration if anchors created in the "Indexing", "Splitting" or "Identification" tabs are located in the same position but different tabs.
  • Fulltext Search: Documents that are slightly rotated receive bad fulltext information and cannot be used with the fulltext search
  • Web Client: Text copied from a result list and pasted into a search dialog gives incorrect or empty results
  • Database: Making Oracle database connections case-insensitive by modifying the file DocuWare.DAL.dll.config does not have any effect
  • Document Processing: Creating anchors for segments of a text is not possible


  • Database: Tables with names that contain white spaces can not be used and cause the error messages "Incorrect syntax near whitespace" or "Tablename is not valid Parametername: ..." to appear when selected or accessed
  • Administration: Preview of and data retrieved from a file connection may skip the first row of data after the column header
  • Administration: Error message "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s" is displayed when performing a fulltext reset with custom filter
  • Autoindex: Numeric index fields can not be used in the "Assign Data" tab or in filter conditions and existing configurations which do so fail with the error message "Field '...' is not a numeric field and can't be parsed with numeric condition provider!" or show the message "The specified field was removed. Select another field or remove the assignment." in the configuration.
  • Windows Explorer Client: When trying to save a file to Windows Explorer Client which has a file path which contains more than 260 characters, the error message "Unspecified error" is displayed
  • Web Client: When trying to set an image stamp using a large high-resolution image, the error message "After wrapping the stamp content, the stamp is bigger than the document and cannot be set. Please select the stamp again and enter less text." is displayed
  • Workflow Manager: If a workflow contains a task which uses both validation and conditions, the error message "The type of metadata for condition activity with id ... is not ConditionMetadata" may appear when opening the workflow history of a document
  • Connect to Mail: Attachments in emails without contents may mistakenly be recognized as embedded images and removed when imported
  • Database: Syntax error when trying to access an ODBC database connection
  • Web Client: Closing a split pane may fail with the error message "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeType' of undefined"
  • Desktop Apps: Documents separated by barcodes receive incorrect fulltext information when imported by an import job and cause Intelligent Indexing, the fulltext search and One Click Indexing to return incorrect data
  • Workflow Manager: When a workflow contains a task which has a decision with the option "Decision can be taken by stamp" enabled and "If a decision is taken via dialog, a stamp will be automatically attached" disabled, taking this decision with a stamp causes index data to not be updated. However, the document history states that the index data was updated.


  • Platform.NET API: Too big expressions cause the Platform to crash
  • Document Processing: Filter barcode with option "contains x characters" does not work for indexing
  • Connect to Mail: During email storage process, Connect to Mail throws an error "Could not find default tray!"


  • Platform .NET API: Temporary PDF files are not deleted automatically from "C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Temp\Platform\pdf" folder
  • Connect to Mail: Email body gets stored in file cabinet although configuration is set to store attachments only
  • Autoindex: Trigger does not work with system fields "Last Access User" and "Last Access Date"
  • User Synchronization: Desktop App User Synchronisation tool fails for users who have been deleted and then created again in Active directory
  • Autoindex: Option "After processing" ("Delete text file" and "move text file to subfolder") does not work
  • Document Processing: Decimals cannot be parsed in Processing configurations, if the region is set to "French" in format of a field connection
  • Autoindex: Write back to system fields (except DWDOCID) not possible. An error occurs "Can not find the source field <fieldname> to get value for index transfer."
  • Autoindex: Job with system field in File Cabinet filter throws error "Autoindex <fieldname> - schedule was aborted due to a top level error."
  • Desktop Apps: When OCR language is set to "Auto detect" in an import job, an error occurs on importing documents "An internal error occurred because of missing or invalid configuration parameters."
  • Web Client: Multi-column select list: Filtering does not work properly when FTP file connection is used
  • Desktop Apps:  Import shows a warning "Image enhancement failed"
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