Since DocuWare 7, updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an update, you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before installing the update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2023-05-06 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:
Download link:

Included improvements:


  • Workflow Designer: Exporting workflows throw an error "The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:03:00." in case of very large DocuWare systems


  • Setup: Remove not required "Web.config" from Client Setup prerequisites to avoid possible error when downloading and installing prerequisites of Desktop Apps
  • Setup: Download of Microsoft C++ Runtime may fail during Client Setup


  • Mobile: When opening a document link on mobile a button to open mobile app is missing on login page


  • Workflow Manager: URLs of documents in emails about task notifications have extremely long urls which may cause an error when trying to open the link
  • Setup: Some files might trigger false positives in security software ("No valid digital signature")


  • Setup: Backup of Full-Text Server configuration files is not done during updates


  • Workflow Manager: Java Script injection possible via workflow task list


  • Web Client: Index value profile ignores permissions when accessing version history
  • Platform .NET API: Accessing index data from data records via Platform or API is possible in a special case even though user has no rights


  • Desktop Apps: Support for future versions of Edge and Chrome with enhanced security features


  • Workflow Manager: Sending emails blocks workflow execution


  • Forms: User information is visible in the source code of a public form


  • Viewer: Index dialog cut off when browser windows is too small
  • Setup: Passwords of database users, DocuWare users and service users that contain blanks are logged in plain text to setup log


  • Forms: Incorrect display when creating Forms in narrow browser window


  • Web Client: Error "The object reference was not set to an object instance" when trying to download document with "{" or "}" in the file name
  • Integration: <iframe> elements embedding multiple URL integration links on the same page may display incorrect results


  • Integration: URL Integration parameter orgID is not usable anymore to switch between multiple organizations
  • Autoindex: "Has changed" condition not available for keyword fields


  • Workflow Designer: Import of Workflow fails when it contains a date field with format "Datetime" with error: "Can not import - missing field"


  • Workflow Manager: Confirming tasks fails with the error "Transaction was deadlocked" and "Execution Timeout Expired"
  • User Management:  Licenses are not assigned automatically upon user creation but only when user is de-activated and re-activated


  • Mobile: Logging in via QR code is not possible and displays the error "Error loading discovery document: Error connecting to .../.well-known/openid-configuration: Not Found"


  • Web Client: Select list within a workflow task dialog pop up to the bottom direction
  • Autoindex: Monthly schedule of Autoindex for 6 months is executed every 5 months


  • Connect to Outlook: Store dialog is shown if mandatory fields are filled via document


  • Web Client: Forms tab is shown if a user has no forms assigned personally
  • Windows Explorer Client: Folders are not copied correctly from file system to file cabinet
  • Autoindex: Writing back to FTP Files does not work when file is using tab as separator
  • Platform REST API: "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to the instance of an object" error received in response to REST API


  • Desktop Apps: Desktop Apps do not work on http with domain security policies
  • Setup: It is possible to run the update to DocuWare 7.4 with unsupported MySQL database versions (< 5.6)
  • Workflow Manager: Fields in assign data tab in a general task will be empty when clicking or writing into a field in the dialog tab
  • Workflow Manager: A select list is displayed outside the visible area of the screen within a workflow task
  • Autoindex: "Is before" and "Is after" date conditions in the trigger condition are changed to "Is on" when updating to DocuWare 7.4
  • Web Client: The content of an Automatic Number field will be empty in the store dialog if the field was prefilled by an Import job
  • Autoindex: DateTime fields might have a different value after updating from DocuWare 7.3 to DocuWare 7.4


  • Autoindex: Autoindex configurations using AND or OR in condition values are not updated correctly


  • Web Client: Unchecking the Out of Office box in Profile & Settings does not remove the Out of Office flag
  • Workflow Designer: Error "Data type of the global variable ... does not match with its source" when using global variables of the type "User of a group" with the option "List variable" enabled
  • Workflow Designer: Error "The datatype of field ... has been changed" when using trigger conditions longer than the used field's length
  • Autoindex: Autoindex configurations using AND or OR in condition values are not updated correctly
  • Web Client: Read only web client requires client license


  • Fulltext Search: Combined search fails with special characters like %, &, (, ) in index fields
  • Web Client: Check-out to filesystem does not work with ECS Cloud (Centera)
  • Forms: Minimum value with decimals does not allow decimals to be entered
  • Forms: Users without client license are not able to run public forms
  • Setup: Silent Setup does not work when certain registry keys are missing
  • Web Client: DocuWare Viewer opened in separate window does not close whe the document is closed
  • Forms: Merge Form designer displays wrong pages after the 7.4 upgrade when the merge form template document has more than one page
  • Administration: Settings file update of Administration Online fails when organization name contains "&"


  • Web Client: Docuware NTLM-Login stopped working
  • Autoindex: Content of the file connection is not read - values of sample file are used
  • Workflow Manager: Scroll bar in task dialog dialog does not appear immediately
  • Web Client: One Click Indexing gets deactivated when you switch to the next page of an opened document
  • Web Client: Documents - which are no PDF files - rotated in the viewer and saved are exported to REQUEST with their old file names and cannot be opened. An error occurs: "It looks like we don't support this file format."


  • Autoindex: Cannot write keywords to the external database
  • User Synchronization: User Synchronisation does not deactivate user, when the synchronization is running from a windows task (local AD to DocuWare Cloud)
  • Desktop Apps: Performing a smart search throws an error if the desktop connection was created manually: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Setup: Uninstall with Server Setup might cause unexpected reboot during update
  • Document Processing: Barcode PDF417 with TAB as seperator cannot be split correctly
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