Since DocuWare 7, Updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an Update you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before you install the Update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2023-10-06 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:
Download link:

Included improvements:


  • Setup: If DocuWare has been installed on a custom website in former versions it will be installed in Default Website on Update


  • Setup: Remove not required "Web.config" from Client Setup prerequisites to avoid possible error when downloading and installing prerequisites of Desktop Apps
  • Setup: Download of Microsoft C++ Runtime may fail during Client Setup


  • Mobile: When opening a document link on mobile a button to open mobile app is missing on login page


  • Workflow Manager: Daylight saving time can cause an error in scheduled workflows: "The computed next datetime is within 23 hours of the current execution: ... This is not allowed. We will reschedule it with 1 hour into the future!"


  • Integration: The orgID URL parameter can no longer be used to switch between multiple organizations
  • Database: MultiSubnetFailover cannot be used by the Identity Service
  • Windows Explorer Client: When moving Windows Explorer client nested folders to the same level of a folder structure of a file cabinet the moved folders disappear
  • Setup: Some files might trigger false positives in security software ("No valid digital signature")


  • Setup: Backup of Full-Text Server configuration files is not done during updates


  • Workflow Manager: Negative signed floats are not parsed into global workflow variables


  • Export: Wrong date assigned when assigning current date in export


  • Forms: The tooltip of the element we are on, hides the buttons on its left when you use Fullscreen button in Merge Form template designer
  • Platform .NET API: Accessing index data from version history via Platform or API is possible in a special case even though user has no rights
  • Workflow Manager: Java Script injection possible via workflow task list


  • Workflow Manager: Web Service activity will automatically add a '/', though no subroute is selected
  • Platform .NET API: Accessing index data from data records via Platform or API is possible in a special case even though user has no rights


  • Workflow Manager: Workflow cannot be stopped if file cabinet is using version management


  • Synchronization: If a system predefined value which does not exist in the target organization (e.g. DWSTOREUSER) is assigned to a target field, the synchronization fails


  • Windows Explorer Client: When attaching files to an email in Outlook an error occurs: "Path does not exist. Check the path and try again."
  • Windows Explorer Client: Saving document with "Save As" from an external application leads to message: "You can't save to '...'. Please choose another location."


  • Desktop Apps: Connection creation did not work from WebView2 control in external applications


  • Configuration: In rare cases it can happen that DocuWare configuration is openend in a wrong language


  • Web Client: When clipping documents an error occurs "Check that all values for unique fields are valid."
  • File Cabinets: It is not possible to delete an index field without organization administrator role
  • User Synchronization: Workflow stops at 66% or with error "An item with the same key has already been added"
  • Windows Explorer Client: Save button in Windows save dialog is not active for about ~50 seconds if path is in a DocuWare folder location


  • User Synchronization: User synchronization does not send welcome email


  • Forms: When attaching a document with about 8 MB size the automatic numbering does not work
  • Web Client: Multi column select list is not validated when changing index entries


  • Forms: User information is visible in the source code of the public forms


  • User Synchronization: Name of new group cannot be changed in wizard


  • Background Process Service: MSMQ startup can cause the service to crash
  • Viewer: Rendering of CSV files does not work


  • Viewer: Index dialog cut off when browser windows is too small
  • Setup: Passwords of database users, DocuWare users and service users that contain blanks are logged in plain text to setup log


  • Windows Explorer Client: When using the "Open file" dialog in a third-pary application to open a document via Windows Explorer Client, the dialog may freeze if the preview panel is enabled
  • User Synchronization: Windows Authentication may not work if using the User Synchronization with two similar domains (e. g. EXAMPLE and
  • User Synchronization: User Synchronisation stops if the attribute of the login name was changed in the Active Directory


  • Windows Explorer Client: Sorting by a Date index field in Windows Explorer Client does not use correct order
  • Viewer: Error message is shown when trying to set a stamp
  • Forms: Incorrect display when creating Forms in narrow browser window


  • Windows Explorer Client: Windows Explorer Client does not react when there are too many entries, no timeout message is displayed
  • Workflow Manager: Sending e-mails blocks workflow execution


  • User Synchronization: German version of User Synchronization is cut off and does not show the option to synchronize users that are not found in the user node
  • Workflow Manager: If there are a lot of workflows with the same trigger criteria using keyword fields only one of them will be triggered
  • Workflow Manager: Workflow gets retriggered when any index field has been changed if the trigger condition is "has changed" and the field that has been defined in the trigger condition is emtpy


  • Web Client: Error "The object reference was not set to an object instance" when trying to download document with "{" or "}" in the file name


  • Workflow Manager: When using GlobalVariables or IndexFields in a REST Webservice activity a slash "/" will be added at the end of the URL when executed by the Background Processing Service
  • Web Client: Message "File with name .. was not found" is shown when trying to migrate Legacy documents with versions and checksum on read only disks to version 7 disk


  • Workflow Manager: When trigger time is reached, scheduled workflows will trigger in an endless loop


  • User Synchronization: Users are skipped during synchronization, showing error "Changing the network Id of another user is not allowed" in logs
  • Autoindex: "Has changed" condition is not available for keyword fields


  • Web Client: Error "500 Internal Server Error" when trying to log in when two organizations exist whose names only differ by accents
  • Desktop Apps: Installing the DocuWare 7.5 Desktop Apps on a system with .NET 6 RC installed causes error "The "Net5DesktopRuntimeInstaller" task failed unexpectedly."


  • Viewer: Forms and stamps show a date/datetime that does not match the client's time zone
  • Web Client: Document integration links with included credentials do not allow stamps to be set
  • Workflow Manager: Error "It is prohibited to edit documents already signed" when using the "Edit" option in the context menu of a Workflow Manager task list.


  • Viewer: Text field changes position after editing it
  • Workflow Designer: Controllers cannot open the workflow version with a double-click in read mode
  • Workflow Manager: Cannot confirm task with multi-column select-list if value is enclosed in double quotation marks. An error occurs: "Only values from the select list are allowed"


  • Workflow Designer: Import of Workflow fails when it contains a date field with format "Datetime" with error: "Can not import - missing field"
  • User Synchronization: When running user synchronisation with option "Windows" an error occurs: "Operation cannot be completed because the given arguments are invalid! Details: "Please specify a valid email address."".


  • User Management: Registration email is not sent during user creation. An error occurs: "Registration email cannot be send. Cannot access a disposed object.Object name: 'DocuWare.WAFServices.Helpers.SettingsserverClient'."
  • Document Processing: Anchor "top right" not working when only barcodes gets extracted for indexing/splitting


  • Workflow Manager: Confirming tasks fails with the errors "Transaction was deadlocked" and "Execution Timeout Expired"


  • User Management: Licenses are not assigned automatically upon user creation but only when user is de-activated and re-activated
  • Web Client: A sent request cannot be confirmed without general search right (error message "Right 'Search' restricts the operation for user...")


  • Export: Changing permissions for an Export configuration requires the "Manage Users" function
  • Mobile: Logging in via QR code is not possible and displays the error "Error loading discovery document: Error connecting to .../.well-known/openid-configuration: Not Found"
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