Since DocuWare 7, Updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an Update you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before you install the Update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions!

Setup updated on: 2021-11-23 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:
Download link:

Included improvements:


  • User Synchronization: Users are skipped during synchronization, showing error "Changing the network Id of another user is not allowed" in logs
  • Autoindex: "Has changed" condition is not available for keyword fields


  • Web Client: Error "500 Internal Server Error" when trying to log in when two organizations exist whose names only differ by accents
  • Desktop Apps: Installing the DocuWare 7.5 Desktop Apps on a system with .NET 6 RC installed causes error "The "Net5DesktopRuntimeInstaller" task failed unexpectedly."


  • Viewer: Forms and stamps show a date/datetime that does not match the client's time zone
  • Web Client: Document integration links with included credentials do not allow stamps to be set
  • Workflow Manager: Error "It is prohibited to edit documents already signed" when using the "Edit" option in the context menu of a Workflow Manager task list.


  • Viewer: Text field changes position after editing it
  • Workflow Designer: Controllers cannot open the workflow version with a double-click in read mode
  • Workflow Manager: Cannot confirm task with multi-column select-list if value is enclosed in double quotation marks. An error occurs: "Only values from the select list are allowed"


  • Workflow Designer: Import of Workflow fails when it contains a date field with format "Datetime" with error: "Can not import - missing field"
  • User Synchronization: When running user synchronisation with option "Windows" an error occurs: "Operation cannot be completed because the given arguments are invalid! Details: "Please specify a valid email address."".


  • User Management: Registration email is not sent during user creation. An error occurs: "Registration email cannot be send. Cannot access a disposed object.Object name: 'DocuWare.WAFServices.Helpers.SettingsserverClient'."
  • Document Processing: Anchor "top right" not working when only barcodes gets extracted for indexing/splitting


  • Workflow Manager: Confirming tasks fails with the errors "Transaction was deadlocked" and "Execution Timeout Expired"


  • User Management: Licenses are not assigned automatically upon user creation but only when user is de-activated and re-activated
  • Web Client: A sent request cannot be confirmed without general search right (error message "Right 'Search' restricts the operation for user...")


  • Export: Changing permissions for an Export configuration requires the "Manage Users" function
  • Mobile: Logging in via QR code is not possible and displays the error "Error loading discovery document: Error connecting to .../.well-known/openid-configuration: Not Found"