How do I connect to the SQL Docker container of Intelligent Indexing V2?

After the installation of Intelligent Indexing V2 has successfully finished, please check if the SQL container is running. To connect to the SQL Docker container of Intelligent Indexing V2,  please implement the following changes;

  1. Stop Intelligent Indexing via the Stop-Intellix script.
  2. Open the “docker-compose.yml” file out of “…\Intellix-master\windows\setup\run”.
  3. Copy the “Port” part of the “Intellix” section and paste it into the “sql” section as shown below. Change the port from 8080:80 to 14330(needs to be an unused port):1433.
  4. Save this file, then start Intelligent Indexing via the Start-Intellix script.
Now that you have the ability to access the SQL container via the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio proceed to the following steps:
  1. Enter “localhost,14330” in the servername.
  2. Use the SQL Server Authentication.
  3. Enter the user and password, which you can find in the “intellix-database.env” (located in “…\Intellix-master\windows\setup\run”).
  4. Open the additional options via “Options>>” and under “Connection Properties” you need to enter the database name in “Connect to database”.

Once completed, you can access the SQL container database.

Note: Please revert the port changes after you are done with the database.

KBA is applicable to On-Premises Organizations ONLY.

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