Since DocuWare 7, Updates are integrated in the DocuWare installation packages.
Therefore, to get the latest version of an Update you need to download the complete DocuWare setup files again.

Before you install the Update, please read and follow the Update installation instructions !

What's New in Version 7.9:
Technical Release Notes:
System Requirements:

Download link:

Setup updated on:  2024-03-15 (PDF of included improvements can be found here)
Build version:

Included improvements:


  • Forms: When assigning columns of a multi select list to different dropdowns only the first column is offered in the behaviors designer


  • File Cabinets: No drop-down list is shown in the filters of result list when using option "add wildcard to the search" in search dialog
  • File Cabinets: Changes of index entries of Numeric Fields with decimals places are not saved and no error shown


  • Workflow Designer: It is not possible to add two columns of the same type of a table field in the same filter


  • Setup: Windows 11 (23H2) is not recognized as a supported operating system
  • Forms: If multiple dropdowns in forms with select lists exist those are sometimes empty (500 Internal Server error / Value cannot be null)


  • Workflow Manager: Keyboard combinations "Ctrl+Alt+P" and "Ctrl+Alt+D" do not work for selected task list instance


  • Fulltext Server: Indexing a document with a long string without spaces in memo field fails


  • Web Client: Web elements get greyed out after clicking on the lists
  • Viewer: XFA PDFs with more than one page are displayed incorrectly


  • Viewer: It is possible to delete the whole table content even if all fields are set to read-only
  • Windows Explorer Client / Mobile: "Couldn't retrieve discovery document" error when accessing Docuware from outside the company
  • Workflow Manager: The whole Web Client gets unresponsive after opening a workflow task which contains a table form field with a required column which is set to required
  • Workflow Manager: Task list filtering doesn't work when you have more than one "*" followed by text


  • Fulltext Server: Default fulltext server is not assigned when enabling fulltext search
  • Platform .NET API: Format exception is thrown when decoding a base 64 string
  • Connect to Outlook: Storing mails in Connect to Outlook with store dialog results in a 2 hours time zone shift when receipt time of the mail is used for indexing
  • Web Client: Result list does not refresh when drag and drop from document tray to result list is used and the viewer is opened in a new window


  • Connect to Outlook: Store dialog of Connect to Outlook closes immediately after opening
  • Workflow Designer: Table columns are duplicated when trying to reorder them in a workflow task dialog
  • Connect to Outlook: Indexing decimal values in Connect to Outlook are shifted 2 places to the right when predefined on store dialog level
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