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    Also just to let you know - I am not sure if the config file will be overwritten after the next update but if so, you should be able to create a script/minor .NET app to automate the "un-commenting" process.

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    Hi Ryan!<br> <br> Not sure if you already have the answer but we have encountered the same issue.<br> Thankfully DocuWare responded with this:<br> <br> In the installation directory of the Local Data Connector there is the file: C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Local Data Connector\DocuWare.DAL.dll.config.<br> This configuration file is overwritten each time the Local Data Connector is updated. The adjustments to this file must therefore be reactivated after each update.<br> To work around the SAP HANA DB syntax error, remove the comment tagging of the following lines:<br> &lt;!--&lt;Parameters&gt;<br> &lt;System.String DictionaryEntryKey="LIMIT"&gt;IGNORE&lt;/System.String&gt;<br> &lt;/Parameters&gt;--&gt;<br> Enabling this option, prevents the TOP or LIMIT parameter from being added to the statement.<br> However, this means that the query will thus access the database without restriction.<br> The resulting statement would be: SELECT DISTINCT "column" FROM ...<br> <br> Please let me know if this was helpful. It definitely helpd us with viewing SAP HANA views in DocuWare.<br> <br> Best regards<br> Tomas
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    This would be great. I could not figure out this one yet.