• RE: .NET API DialogExpression Complex Queries

    Hi Adriano,
    there is no other way to do complex queries as combine and merge single dialog expressions.
    Perhaps in the distant future you will be able to perform complex queries with the dialog expressions.

    Best regards
  • RE: using API to copy document from file cabinet to tray

    In the following link you'll see how to transfer an document from document tray to an file cabinet.

    Technical the document tray is an file cabinet.
    So you must change the direction of transfer to send a document from the file cabinet to a document tray.
    But attention use the right document tray for the document with the same data structure.
    You can see the relation under {your docuware server adress like yourcompanyname.docuware.cloud}/DocuWare/Platform/FileCabinets
    where an document tray has AssignedCabinetId what is the Id of the connected file cabinet.

    The inedx data will be preserved.

  • RE: REST API : Document searches by fields


    The q parameter is not official supported for external use, because of breaking changes in every release.

    In order to use the document query correctly the postman example "Build the URL to use in GET request" should be used.
    In the response you'll get a complete query link.
    This link can then be adjusted according to your wishes except for the q parameter like in postman example "Use generated URL".

    I hope the answer helps with your problem.
    In the future we will improve the documentation on this point.

    Best regards,
    Florian Mittermeier
    DocuWare SDK Team
  • RE: REST API : Document searches by fields

    Hi all,

    for all developer needs please check out our new website https://developer.docuware.com.
    This is a new centralized place for any information around our SDK and API.
    New examples are presented there again and again.
    Keep an eye on https://developer.docuware.com/News/years/2019.html to be informed about our latest changes.

    @Aurelien Use the following link https://developer.docuware.com/rest/examples/postman-collection-download.html and get the Postman collection with examples for the REST API. In your case you'll find in folder Search for documents / build and use document queries the right example.

    Best regards,
    Florian Mittermeier
    DocuWare SDK Team