• RE: Autoindex Job doesn't stop and cannot be deleted.

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  • Autoindex Job doesn't stop and cannot be deleted.

    Hi,   Version 7.2.

    I created an AutoIndex Job that uses an external Textfile  (Import.csv) and that was supposed to supply already imported documents with more data.

    That usually works very well. I have several that I run occaisonally.

    Now the Configuration Tab Shows that it is running (läuft).

    If I try to STOP it, or try to DELETE it, it turns Grey, and doesn't respond.
    Is it possible to manually remove it?

    Markus Greiner

    PS. I tried changing it, AND I tried deleting the 'Import.csv'  AND Rebooting the Server
    it all doesn't work.

    Additional Information:
    I suspect the cause could be connected to dublicating jobs. In one case I dublicated the job, reconfigured the external Textfile to a new one and the dublicate ran nicely.
    Only the orginal wouldn't stop anymore.