If there are archived multipage files with the file extension „DWTIFF" they cannot be displayed in the Web Client properly. It is not possible to navigate through these files correctly due to the fact that the Web Client Viewer assumes that these documents only have a single page.

There is a workaround for this problem by applying a change to a configuration file of the Web Client. The file "FileTypes.xml" defines whether documents with specific file extension are multipage or single page documents. Documents with the file extension "DWTIFF" usually contain only a single page. Therefore this file extension is defined as a single page format in the configuration file "FileTypes.xml" which should be changed if multipage DWTIFF documents are used.

The configuration file is located below the Web Client installation folder, more precisely:
\Web Common\DocuWare\Resources\xml

In this file you will find the following line defining the behavior of files with the file extension ".dwtiff" among other things:

singlePageFormat="true" />

Both parameters "viewAsPage" and "singlePageFormat" define whether documents with the appropriate file extension will be handled as multipage documents. These parameters are enabled by default due to the fact that DWTIFF documents are usually single page documents.

To be able to navigate correctly through DWTIFF documents within the Web Client Viewer the above displayed line has to be changed to the following:
singlePageFormat="false" />