What has to be done to configure DocuWare for a Terminal Server Farm?

With farms, we recommend the use of a special server on which you install the server modules. This can be an existing application or file server, or a dedicated DocuWare server, as in the following example:
Specifying paths (e.g.: document storage path) ought to be done via UNC. In addition, each terminal server has a client installation. Terminal servers are installed just like regular DocuWare clients. The central user directory on the DocuWare server contains the data of the users baskets, pending boxes and trash cans. For example: \\TerminalServer\DocuWare\Users\

This directory is, where DocuWare baskets, pending boxes, and trash cans are set up for specific users. There are two ways of setting up baskets:

Set up baskets centrally (from DocuWare 5.1b SP1)
You can easily set up baskets for all users in a central location by using variables.

Example for two baskets:

The "%USERNAME%" variable is then replaced by the Windows user name. You can also use system or user variables. 

If you wish to use baskets for TIFFMAKER applications, however, the basket paths must not contain any user variables.
Baskets with system variables or the "USERNAME" variable in the basket path on the other hand can be used without any additional TIFFMAKER settings.

Set up baskets for specific users (old variant, still possible)
Example for two baskets:

These directories must be added for each user under "Miscellaneous" in DocuWare Administration.
You have to switch TIFFMAKER to ASP mode by using the port settings. This mode gives you the option of using environment variables in order to read the user names.

Use the following path, for example: C:\DocuWare\Users\Baskets\%USERNAME%\Store\

This will cause all documents, printed by user miller, to go straight into his basket. The user variable path must be entered manually via the DWORD KonvPath into the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DocuWare\DocuWare\
TIFFMAKER\500\port. Adjust the name of the port according to the TIFFMAKER that you are using.

Please note, that TIFFMAKER in ASP mode cannot store the documents into an archive, nor send them via DocuWare Emai Notification. Error messages are not popping up on screen, instead they are logged into the Server's event log.

Set up pending box and trash can
Example for the pending box and the trash can:

These directories must be added for each user under "Miscellaneous" in DocuWare Administration.