How can you customize the Web client?

The appearance of many areas of the DocuWare Web Client can be customized. For example, you can change the colors or use a different logo than the DocuWare logo.

The files for the DocuWare Web Client can be found under C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web Modules\WebClient Central\DocuWare\TVDThemes\DocuWare\
(unless you specified a different path at installation). Here there are five subfolders: Languages, Resources, Services, Themes and TVDThemes.
You must not rename these folders or their subfolders under any circumstances.

When you install a service pack or update, the Web Common folder mentioned above, which contains subfolders of style sheets, graphical elements, etc., is created as a completely new folder.
This does not overwrite the old version of the folder, but simply renames it to "Web Common.BeforeUpdate_<Date>_<Time>".
If you had defined customizations, you will have to implement these again after installing the update or service pack (see below).