This article describe how to trace the XML communication between the web service server and the Web service client by using tools as TCPTrace.

Web Service Server -> Web Service Client
To keep track of messages from and to the trace tool some changes in the file DWWebService.exe.config should be set. The file is located in the installation path of the Web Services. By default: C:\Program Files\DocuWare\WebServices.

First, add a endpoint address as shown in the example below. This setting overwrites the default endpoint address port 9007 with the port on which the TCP trace tool listens. 8383 in our example.

Next, the attribute “listenUri with the corresponding server and the new port number has to be added. The Web Service server is listening on this address for requests from the client. 8080 in our example. The Web service listens on port 9007 and 8080 now.

These two values must
now be added to any <service> TAG which serving the baseAddresses including the port number which is used. 9007 or 9008.

DocuWare Web Services service must be restarted.

In our example, we add/change the settings in all sections where the baseAddresses points to 9007.

    <service name="DocuWare.WebServices.CompatibleServices.Services.DWService"  behaviorConfiguration="ServiceBehavior">
            <add baseAddress="http://localhost:9007/DWService"/>
        <!-- use base address provided by host -->
       <endpoint address="http://localhost:8383/DWService"
        contract="DocuWare.WebServices.CompatibleServices.Interfaces.IDWService" />

Web Service Client -> Web Service Server
If the communication between the Web Service application and the Web services should be logged, the config file of the application has to be adapted. Per default the App.config.

A port must specify on which the trace tool is listening. In our example 8383.

These must be specified for each <endpoint address> within the <client> section.

   <endpoint address="http://localhost:8383/ResultListService"

The TcpTrace Tool has to fit to these settings. So it has to listen on the new endpoint address and forward the http traffic to the assigned "listenURI" address.
Example with the tool TCP Trace.

 At the end you need to start your own web application.
Download tcpTrace: