How to change Windows service account for DocuWare Services

DocuWare software runs a set of Windows services, therefore, the Windows service account must have full access rights to the DocuWare resources. Resources can be include the storage location of the images and/or the temporary application directories. If the Windows service account do not have sufficient rights then the services may not start or the services may not be able to retrieve documents from its storage location.

Here are few steps in changing the Windows service account for DocuWare services.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R and then type services.msc and press ENTER. Likewise, you can also use the DocuWare Service Control to stop the services. This tool usually located in Windows system tray.
  2. In Windows Services or DocuWare Service Control find all services related to DocuWare and stop all of them. In Windows Services they usually start with prefix DocuWare (E.g.: DocuWare Authentication Server).
  3. Double click in each DocuWare service and go to "Log On" tab and change the account.

DocuWare services

Clicks apply and start all DocuWare services with the new account again.

NOTE: If the services do not start, you can always check the Windows event viewer.