How do i customize DocuWare Request Search and Result list?

It is possible to customize DocuWare request Searches and Result lists. Maybe there are some fields you do not want to display or you want to change the order after creating the media.
In the "Data" folder of their request folder, find the file "dialogsdata.xml". This file can be customized with a text editor.
In this file there is a section for each of the fields in the search form (<SearchList>) and the fields of the result (<ResultList>).



Each field has a different section that looks like this:


Several adjustments are possible:

  1. Change the field order: Simply insert the complete section of the corresponding field (based on the labels) before or after another section. The fields are displayed in the order defined in the file "dialogsdata.xml".
  2. Hide fields : Change the <visible> property to false
  3. Change the displayed field name: change the name of the field in <Label>.