What is the passphrase of the standard web instance?

By default a web instance has no passphrase. You need to specify the passphrase manually using DocuWare Administration in the settings of the web instance (Change).
After clicking on "Change" you will be asked for the password of the DocuWare Organization Administrator. Afterwards you may specify the passphrase. It needs to be between 12 and 16 characters, e.g. 7T+TTX!80J%WNX2X
Restart the application pool of the webinstance after applying the changes.
Note that you can specify different passphrases for each web instances and integrations.

Why do I need a passphrase?

  • In order to encrypt so called URL Integrations 
    This way the paramters which are part of the url cannot be readout or tampered.
  • In order to create a Login URL .
    A login URL can only be created by specifying a passphrase. By using such a URL, you are directly logged in the Web Client, without entering the user name or password. The login information will be passed as encrypted parameters in the URL.

You can create the above-mentioned URLs using the " DocuWare URL Creator". It is part of the "DocuWare Power Tools" which can be installed using the DocuWare