How does the license usage work in the Web Client?

In the Web Client the license used is bound to the Browser session. This information is stored local in a Cookie. Check these points to make sure the same license is used at every Browser call:

  • Browser accepts Cookies.
  • If your browser (Internet Explorer) is running in the "protected mode", you have to put the Web Client URL at least to the security zone "Trusted Sites" (in this zone the "protected mode" has to be disabled).
    This is necessary, because in the "protected mode" the Internet Explorer is not using browser cookies.
  • Cookies may not be deleted if Browser is closed.
  • Up to Version 6.1: The Web Client must be called in the correct spelling (like in IIS).
    Example: If the name in IIS is „DWWebClient“, it must be accessed via http://.../DWWebClient . If it is for example accessed via http://.../dwwebclient the Cookie does will not work. This is especially important, when accessing an Integration. If the URL of the Integration is wrong, this leads to a higher license usage.
  • From Version 6.5 on: The Web Client has to be opened using the same Servername, only then cookies can be used.
  • There may be no underscore or certain special characters in the Servername.
    for further Information see:
    Step: DNS host names - Disallowed characters.
  • Use the same Browser for Web Client and URL Integration.