Important note:
We insist on the exclusive rights on all DocuWare databases.
There are no external triggers, stored procedures etc allowed.
Such features to the DocuWare databases might hinder the correct function of the DocuWare system.

DocuWare does not test the system to run with additional triggers within the DocuWare databases.
Be aware that if there are external triggers within the databases, you are running a not supported environment. 
Because of this we must strongly demand to delete/disable all problematical external triggers/stored procedures to exclude them as root cause.

We strongly recommend using the DocuWare internal functions to write to other databases or in general work like trigger based behaviour.

If, after a longer analysis, we find that an external trigger caused the error, we reserve the right to charge for the preceeding analysis.


  • If field values in the file cabinet change without noticeable cause the reason could be a self created trigger in the dwdata database. DocuWare does not create any trigger in the dwdata database.
  • If changes on the administrative side of DocuWare cannot be saved without clear error message, a self created trigger somewhere in the dwsystem database could be the reason.
  • If during the upgrade of the DocuWare databases an unexpected error occures and no clear error message is seen in the log, a self created trigger in any of the DocuWare databases could be the reason.

To check if a self created trigger exists in the corresponding database you can use following queries:

Select [tgr].[name] as [trigger name], [tbl].[name] as [table name]
from sysobjects tgr
join sysobjects tbl on tgr.parent_obj =
WHERE tgr.xtype = 'TR'

MySQL or internal Datenbase:
show triggers

Please keep in mind:
For some tables DocuWare uses triggers, mostly in the dwsystem database - do not delete those.