How can you create an external select list, which is based on a database connection?

You can create external select lists, based on a database connection by doing the following.

At first create a table, if you cannot use a DocuWare table, create a new table in the database. Should you use a new database, you will have to create a database connection pointing to this database in the DocuWare administration.

Example table

 Next you need to create an external select list, by doing the following:

  • Navigate to "<name of your organization> -> General -> select lists" in order to create a new select list. For "Type of the Select List" choose external and for "Source Type" select Database. "Use external data source" has to be ticked.
  • Then, choose the database connection, you wish to use.
  • Afterwards, choose whether you want to use an existing table/view, or a custom SQL Query.
  • Lastly, choose which column you wish to use. 

Once you are done setting up your Select list, you can display all values which will be available by clicking on the three dots next to "View select list".

In the screenshot below, the following Select statement is used:

select username from dwrights.dbo.user_to_group where organization = 'Org Part A' and department not in (select department from dwrights.dbo.user_to_group where department = 'Manager')

Only employees of the organisation "Org Part A",  who are not part of the department "Manager" are selected.

External select list

The following FAQ article describes, how you can assign your freshly created select list to a search or store dialog: /knowledgebase/article/KBA-1246